Nails I have made

I love nail polish! So much so son calls me the nail nerd. I have a drawer for my nail polish collection (I have just below 200 different colours), and a lot of other nail stuff like 40 different Konad plates plus stamping tools, lots of rhinestones, stickers, dotting tools, tape, etc. I know I'm not the best on the internet, but normally I think it turns out quite nice considering my lack of time and energy.

I've hosted a nail night three times for both my former and my current job, it was very cosy and everybody seemed happy about the result.

I want to apologize for my dry cuticles and I have to say I hate myself for ruining them - I hope you enjoy them anyway.

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My former job:

Sally Hansen Blue Me Away


Makeup Store Siw
baby blue holo


An approx 28 year old purple polish
Still going strong :)

Nfu turquise flake polish


Inglot 319, lovely green

Cheap Tiger polish

Dark green cheap Tiger polish,
glitter tips = Sinful Nail Junkie

Essie polish (not mine)

Four different hands

My current job:

Gosh Holographic Hero
with free-hand music notes

Dark blue cheap Chinese
magnetical polish with
chequered pattern

China Glaze 731 Cords

Nails Inc Notting Hill
(aka "cock coloured")


Essie Navigate Her
with free-hand daffodil


Pink Trind polish with
(a very early attempt)


Halloween 2011, Black OPI
crack and glow-in-the-dark
OPI, old orange Gosh

Halloween 2012
Old orange Gosh and
glow-in-the-dark OPI

Halloween 2012
Very old black Gosh and
OPI Skull and Glossbones


Christmas 2010, Color Club
Magic Elf with red glitter
and a red rhinestone heart


Christmas 2011, Unknow old red
polish with Christmas trees and
gold glitter decorations (dots)


Christmas 2012, Color Club
Magic Elf and unknow old red
polish with Christmas trees
and a Santa head

Christmas 2012, Candy Canes
made with ordinary tape cut
into smaller pieces (unfortu-
nately not quite equal)
Color Club Ruby Slippers

Christmas Party Nails, 2011
Cheap Tiger polish with OPI Simmer
& Shimmer over

New Year:

New Year 2012,
Gosh Holographic Hero
and Color Club Ruby Slippers

Mabel's New Years Eve
nails 2012


Inglot 319 with Sinful
Call You Later glimmer

OPI DS Temptation

Essie Beyond Cosy and
Essie Leading Lady

Deborah Lippmann Glitter
in the Sky with Sinful
Nail Junkie triangles

Two very old unknow polishes,
I think the orange is Gosh


Christmas 2012, Candy Canes
made with ordinary tape cut
into smaller pieces (unfortu-
nately not quite equal)
Color Club Ruby Slippers


OPI Skull and Glossbones
with fruits

OPI Skull and Glossbones
with black skulls

OPI Skull and Glossbones

with red kisses

Labor of Love (dark green)


Color Club
Fashion Addict (holo)


Two old unknow polishes

Green Hello Kitty

Essie Pop Art Pink

OPI Skull and Glossbones
An Ed Hardy look

Misa Fleeting Hibiscus
Birthday theme for my SIL

Old black Gosh with
silver pattern

Very old dark blue polish
with snowflakes and holo glitter

New La Femme dark blue polish,
that bobbled a lot (trashed!)


Nails Inc Spital Fields
magnetical polish with
chequered pattern and
Models Own Beetle Juice tips

Dark blue cheap Chinese
magnetical polish with
chequered pattern


Classic french mani
with a single rhinestone

French with two Hello Kitty
polishes and a pink rhinestone

Essie Navigate Her, glitter-
tips = Sinful Nail Junkie

Bel Air nails made with
Depend (gift from son)

Autumn French, made with two
Models Own Beetle Juice polishes

Copy of bad sticker mani,
summer holiday 2012


Misa Fleeting Hibiscus
with taped slanting silver
tips and dots

Old Yves Rocher silver polish
with free-hand diagonal

OPI James Bond collection
The Spy Who Loved Me


Makeup Store Siw,
baby blue holo


Experiment with PVA-glue
third day, polishes =
OPI Muppet collection


Deborah Lippmann
Happy Birthday
over white

OPI Man with the Golden Gun
over old dusty red OPI

Flower nails made by Chinese
lady at the beach of Sardinia


Purple L'Oreal 225 with
rhinestones and purple glitter


Confirmation nails with
rhinesttone cross and stickers

"Under Cover negle"
White glitter polish with
turquoise polish under the

Reverse mani
Use two matching but reverse
colours and reverse the thumbs

Free-hand lady bug toe nails