Renovation of the Office 2011

Having finished the renovation of the living room, we started renovating the office, which we had emptied and lived ind during the renovation of the living room.
See the project below.

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Before photos:  
This was how the office looked before we started the renovation. With a vintage desk and a very cheap temporary computer table (it was temporary for FIFTEEN years!). I had hated the mirror doors for about 7 to 8 years.
During the renovation:  
Max starts taking down the sauna ceiling, which hid a lot of old glass wool.
New plasterboards are put up. They were cut at the morning terrace and lifted with a smart machine he had lend.
The joints were smoothed to make them invisible.
Max fills and paints the walls, before building the bookshelves.
The bookshelves are made outside and assembled where they should stand. Everything is made to measure.
The mess.
Now the bookshelves are almost finished.
Our BIL again takes care we have plenty of electricity and network.
Max grind down the floor himself.
We ordered a new made-to-measure closet with sliding doors, which Max builds over the old closet.
We were hardly done, before the teenagers started using the room.
I move in - there were a lot of books to vacuum clean and put up on the shelves.
After photos:  
The renovation was finished in the autumn of 2011. I LOVE my library corner.
Jesper has donated the large elevation desk and various other drawers.
It looks so nice and it is also very functional.
My collection of perfume bottles - the two shelve sections at the left and my vintage letter case over the piano.
And the two shelve sections at the right.
I counted 800 bottles, that is only bottles, not counting the test pipes. Counting the pipes I think I have almost 1,000. :)