"Bubily" is our old house, which we bought the 1 May 1996.

It is an old house from 1930 with lots of soul and cosiness, with an annex, a bay, attics and a double garage. When we bought the house it was almost a ruin, but during the first five years we have made it a nice home. The house is 120 sq.m. with 55 sq.m. basement, 40 sq.m. garage and 1,300 sq.m. garden with glass house, swings, tree house and some shacks.

See project "Café StoneCorner" here, 2009.
See project "New Roof" here, 2008.
See the renovation of the living room here, 2011.
See the renovation of the office here, 2011.

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See a floor plan here.

Here you can see before and after pics, if you like to - be patient, many thumbnails.
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   Before: During restoration: After:
From the front garden
May 1997
From the back garden
May 1998
New black roof
May - October 2008
See the project here
New windows
Aug. 1997
The entrance
Sept. 1998
Café StoneCorner
April 2009
See the project here
The hall
March 2001
The dining room
May 1996
The kitchen
1. time: April 1996 (red)
The kitchen
2. time: April 2004 (green)


The larder
1. time: May 1999 (red)
2. time: May 2004 (green)
The office
Nov. 1999
The bathroom
Oct. 1999
The bedroom
1. time: July 1996
2. time: Apr. 2002
Tim's room
1. time: July 1996 (green)
2. time: Feb. 2003 (blue)
Tim's room
3. time: July 2008 (black/white)

The basement
April 2003
The basement toilet
Jan. 2004