Halloween Tour 2005

Tim and I didn’t want to celebrate Halloween – such a silly American Holiday. But it is really cosy and slowly the traditions stealt upon us. October is a month in which you really need to decorate and invite guests. We decided we were allowed to decorate as long as it didn’t cost anything. So during a week we sat each night cutting and gluing. Below you can download our templates to make your own cuttings. Since then more items have been added to the collection, now the rule has changed to “it has to be cheap” – who are we fooling anyway!?! ;)

Take a tour in our Halloween decorated dining room.

(Click thumbnail for larger photo)

Of course we have a carved pumpkin with a candle in. It is carved different each year, from scary fangs to silly grins.
Our main door with ceramic pumpking and a glow-in-the-dard skeleton.
I have collected cake forks with ghosts and skeletons glowing in the dark – hard to resist. So we invite guests for disgusting cake
    Tim dresses up scary from what he can find, 2004 and 2005.
Here are three great kids in 2006, a bloody pirate, a female spider and Death himself, he has just put down the mask. They are counting the harvest.
The nice skull festoon and an awful howling orange ghost – a present from a former Halloween party.
Diverse small and larger figurines.
And troll hazel sprigs with our home made cardboard decorations. I have scanned the templates for download, see below.
The very nice paper globe Tim has drawn from my real water globe. Small bats are flying around the witch.
Salt and pepper ghost, a scary tree with an orange candle and napkins with pumpkins in my nice holder.
A nice witch and pumpkin tea light candlesticks.
The water in my aquarium looks horrible in the photo, but above it a witch flies and besides it a pumpkin-man (snowman like) for tea lights.
Scary pumpkin candlelights in each bay window. I use to have small orange flowers in them, but alas …
A fabulous 3d book formed like a haunted house in which a boy looks for his dog. On the way he meets the most scary creatures and things.
So many great details which I hope my photo shows. I have photographed all four sides. In the roof there is a see-through ghost which looks very real from the inside of the house.
At the beginning of October I have several different pumpkins outside. Later the orange one at the table is carved and the garden furniture hit away.
Here are our templates for download.
Click thumbnail for large picture, right click the picture and choose Save as.
Then start cutting and decorating.
It is very cosy and cheap and looks great on naked troll sprigs.
Halloween - proper jewellery to decorate myself during October
A great golden Halloween bracelet with skulls, spiders and coffins - everything you need for Halloween.
And a smiling pumpkin brooch. Both from Eclectica.
A scrarecrow brooch with a pumpkin head from Pumpkin and Peacock Feathers, Tias.
And a nice skeleton with moveable legs, from eBay.
A great Halloween brooch and a just as great and colourful Halloween bracelet with all those things belonging to the Halloween season. With matching bat earrings. All from Rhumba!
The earrings in the middle matches the pin and is from eBay.
Three lovely ghosts.
A charming ghost with a pumpking. A little ghost pin which glows in the dark, both from eBay.
And a sweet pair of ghost earrings from Pumpkin and Peacock Feathers.
More lovely ghosts, you cannot get too many ghosts during Halloween!
The first pair of earrings look like the ghost has jumped through your ear lobe.
The other pair is made solely of white rhinestones and the pin matches of course. All from eBay.
A colourful Halloween set with bracelet, earrings and pin.
The necklace and the dangling earrings are new, but also matches the set.
All from eBay.
Another lovely Halloween set loaded with orange rhinestones, from eBay.
A slide bracelet with all the icons of Halloween, from eBay.
A pair of Halloween confetti earrings from eBay.
Curly's Halloween page Really great website from which I download many cliparts for invitations, there are also scary sounds and backgrounds for your pc.
Eclectica's great Halloween pages There is one page for the brave and one for the not so brave.