Christmas Tour 2003 + 2006

I admit it - I am Christmas crazy. The weekend near the 1st December we go Christmas Crazy, fortunately son loves it too. We have Christmas decorations all over the house in December, from the bedroom to the bathroom, but most of it in the dining room. I have been collecting glass tree ornaments since I moved from my parents and now I have enough to decorate a large tree solely with glass ornaments. So if you need inspiration for your own Christmas decoration or you are just curious to see how we Danes decorate, then take the Christmas Tour on this site.

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We put lights on the Christmas tree in the back garden, so we can enjoy it from our dining room. We switch the lights on on my birthday 26 November. I love flag on birthdays, but during November it is too dark, so no flag on my birthday. Therefore, I invented the light tradition. In the front garden we twist a light-tube around the flag pole so Santa knows where to land his sleigh. :)
Let’s start at the main entrance, which of course is decorated too. I got the inspiration from Austria where they decorate with festoons round the doors.
A wrench of cones I have made myself.
Each year I decorate a small thuja in a different way. Here is one with red bulbs matching the festoon over the door, and one with silver bulbs and white glittering snowflakes.
The staircase to the first floor is decorated with old fashioned cornets with fairy-tale pictures.
Tim’s room (2003). There are Christmas decorations and elves everywhere. He loves Christmas like me and loves to go Christmas Crazy on 1 December with me.
His elves come travelling each year at night about 1 December. Then he is very surprised when waking up among all his elves.
Our bedroom. Of course, we have Christmas bedding covers! :)
And no, it has not castrated Max yet.

The nice pillows has my SIL made for me as a gift in 2011.

My vintage escritoire with four sweet angels. I also love angels during Christmas.
The clear box contains my Christmas jewellery. During December I only wear Christmas jewellery - see my Christmas jewellery below.
We have paper elves everywhere and I like when they tell a ”story” like in the first photo.
The paper elves in the second photo are from a cardboard sheet I got when I was nine years old travelling to Spain with my grandparents. They are cut out very precise.
More photos from our hall.
We have a large vase with fir and tiny golden decorations from Jette Frøhlich.
Purple glass ornaments in a large square vase.
I made the fine cardboard heart with the doves about 20 years ago, when we lived in an apartment to hang on our main door.
Since 1981, I have made an Advent calendar each year for my parents. Here you see three different looks. All the small presents hang on small rings with a Winter embroidery in the middle. My mother loves Winter landscapes just like me.
The presents are small practical things, like shampoo, toothpaste, spices, etc. But also some Christmas decorations, cards, ribbon, tape and there is always something foolish/funny. They really love this calendar.
From the hall through the door to the dining room. Tim made the Christmas tree which hangs on the door in kindergarten .
Here you see my Advent calendar from my mother. I have a brother and a sister and mother makes a calendar for one of us alternating each year.
At the curtain rod hang Tim’s four Advent calendars presents, nicely wrapped in my favourite Santa head paper (see my wallpaper page). I give him four presents, each for each Sunday, each year. My mother has made him a December calendar for each day until he got 12 years old.
All the presents are wrapped and ready to put under the tree (2006). I design different themes each year. This year it is old-fashioned style with brown paper, red and white ribbon and a small sprig of fir.
Our bay with a heart with light in the center window. My grandfather gave me the heart when I moved for the first time, it is quite rare in Denmark. Everybody else has stars.
At the little wicker table stands a golden Christmas tree and the golden paper angels my mother has cut. Later our real Christmas tree fills all the bay and the table and chairs move down into our basement.
Close-up of the wicker table with the golden decorations and nice embroidered mini table-cloth.
Max’ old grandmother gave us the Swedish candlesticks in both sides of the bay.
My mother in law has cut the lovely golden cardboard heart.
Another cardboard decoration my mother in law has cut. It is from a famous Danish Christmas song.
Tim’s two Advent calendars which consist of 24 small books, one for each day in December. The first one is Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol”. The other one is the story of Jesus. The larger book in the middle of “A Christmas Carol” is about “Tiny Tim”, which Tim thinks is funny.
I love Christmas decorations made of natural materials. Since I was a little girl it has been a tradition that the first decoration stood on my birthday table 26 November. My mother makes one for me each year for my birthday. The first one is made by mum, the second by Tim, and the last one with the Advent candle is made by me.
More decorations:
The tree made of nuts and the fairy-ball (with a tea-light at the top) is made by me. I love to take courses during Winter and be creative. I have also made the advent wreath with lichen.
I got the lovely Christmas pillows as a birthday present last year (2006). My sister in law has made them. Too much Christmas is never enough.

The nice Christmas plaid has my SIL made for me as a gift in 2010.

More cardboard elves at a painting in the dining room.
The small, beautiful, vintage Christmas tree has been my great grand mother’s. I have admired it each year at my mum’s home, she had it on her TV too. A few years ago my mum gave it to me as I am much more Christmas crazy than she is. It is real miniature glass bulbs shaped like acorns, cones, hearts, etc.
Tim’s Christmas books and movies, which are taken out about 1 November, so we have time to read and see them.
My grand mother has embroidered the nice bell pull in 1964. It matches the Christmas tree cloth.
On the record player stands this fabulous musical box, which Tim and Max gave me a few years ago. It works on batteries and plays three tunes, turns and blinks. So great!
At the record plate lies a Christmas LP by Bing Crosby. The LP is covered with a picture of Santa’s face.
In the window besides the record player, Tim and Max make a snow landscape for me each year. We have an odd collection of elves, houses, and they add some fir sprigs and a chain of lights. I love snow landscapes.
Above the landscape hang my beautiful golden mobiles from Royal Copenhagen.
Above the dining room table hangs a huge golden glass bulb.
At the center of the table – a Christmas table cloth, three Santas and a nice Christmas tree.
Of course I have Christmas napkins in the napkin holder and the salt and pepper shakers are Mr. and Mrs. Claus.
I love the vintage (from the sixties) ”Housewife’s Calendar”. It is from a Danish ladies’ magazine, which have planned everything from late November until Christmas eve. From baking cookies to going to the hairdresser. Pure nostalgia.
Tim’s sock which he got as a little boy.
And my huge sock which I hope to find presents in each year, sigh!
My lovely nativity figurines and stable which Max had to saw off the top to enable it to fit into the shelf – and now we don’t have that vitrine any more (2003).
My collection of water globes with music boxes in.
Tim has made the two nice sleighs with Santas and presents in. I have made the Christmas tree about 25 years ago.
Even in the bathroom we decorate.
Max got this fine little figurine of a bathing Santa from his sister. She thought he looked like Max.
Our beautiful Christmas tree.
The vintage elf who always helps us decorate the tree is from Max’ grandmother. His grandfather used him for decoration at his carpenter shop windows. He is named Holger, from a famous Danish singer.
Max has made the sleigh. The Santa at left plays a very loud version of Jingle Bells.
I have made ready for decorating the tree.
I love glass ornaments and have been collecting since I moved from my parents in 1982, so now I am able to decorate a tree solely with glass ornaments. I love to have different colours and shapes.
Part of my collection.
More glass ornaments.
The top ornaments at the center photo, are vintage ornaments I got from my mother in law when Max and I moved together. The row at the bottom are ornaments I bought at a discount warehouse when we have just moved together and our money was very small.
The last photo shows both real and glass sugar kanes. I always put something to eat on the tree.
Very beautiful and very expensive onion shaped ornament bought in Lübeck, Germany.
Another beautiful and expensive ornament bought in Lübeck – shaped as a sock with glitter and presents.
Of course we have several Volkswagen beetles in my ornament collection.
A Santa and a snowman.
A pink glitter bulb (surprise!), Santa’s cell phone and a very nice Santa head.
A turquoise fish (something about Jesus?), a sweet train and a pink rosebud.
Lots of glass ornaments. Note the purple and red stiletto boot – I love shoes.
The old pearl thing in the center of the first photo is made of tiny glass bulbs. My mother in law would trash it, but I saved it and repaired it. Today, she always notes it and thinks it is fun.
A huge blue Year 2000 bulb.
A nice flower bouquet in the center photo.
And a large bulb with great colours at the last photo, with apples in the background.
A large silver bulb with Danish flags.
We make candy each Christmas. Tim and I love to mould marzipan, and Tim is great at covering it with chocolate. We always make sweet peas and carrots, so our guests might choose something healthy. :) We also make Santa hats.
At the second plate there are small, blue VW beetles and brown cocoa mice (my speciality).
At the last photo you see all the plates. The small chocolate marbles at the left are marzipan kneaded with different kinds of alcohol – easy to make and it tastes wonderful.
It is an old tradition to tighten a sprig of fir into the vice at the garage during Christmas eve, so Max does so each Christmas. My dad has tought him the tradition. Max has made a new tradition by adding a sprig of fir under the GT’s wipers.

A very merry Christmas to all of you!
Christmas Jewellery - Can you ever get too much Christmas jewellery? No, never!
A wonderful Christmas bracelet from Sweet Romance!
I have been looking at it for about six years before I finally bought it and then it showed up to be VERY large. But never mind, I use it for all the festive Christmas parties anyway. It consists of five ornaments which open up like a locker and five bells which are all different and have different names. The first one here is of course named "Christmas Bell".
The green one is named "Emerald City Bell".
And the blue one "Majesty Bell".
The pink one "Nouveau Floral Bell.
And the dark blue one is named "Starry Night Bell"
This is such a great idea - a set, so you can use all the bells from the Christmas bracelet in a necklace, in a bracelet and in a brooch. This way you really can vary your "investment". From Sweet Romance.
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells ...
A Jingle Bells bracelet with coloured bells, from eBay.
And a lovely gylden one from Ruby Lane.
And a Christmas charm bracelet with small enamelled charms, from eBay.
A Christmas slide bracelet, from Glitter Gals.
A "Victorian" Christmas bracelet, from eBay.
A Christmas bracelet that looks much like Juicy Couture.
A great white tree where you can take off the ornaments and use them as earrings. A tiny rhinestone tree and a nice tree made solely of ornaments. All from Rhumba!
   Of course I have to own a pink Christmas tree! From eBay.
A wonderful Christmas tree with gifts hanging underneath.
And a fireplace with hanging socks and candles.
Both from Family Jools.
Two candy cane brooches - I love candy canes.
The first is from eBay.
The second is from Eclectica.
A fantastic Santa hat - I really love it, from
A gorgeous Christmas ornament pin from Eclectica.
A really lovely enamelled holly leaf, from Ruby Lane.
And a very nice Christmas tree made of white china with different coloured rhinestones, also from Ruby Lane.
A bell signed Gerry's.
A red wreath signed Coro.
And a set with brooch and earrings.
All from The Crystal Violin.
Tiny green Christmas tree earrings.
And a nice Christmas lantern.
Both from The Crystal Violin.
Three very nice pins from Smoking Raven, eBay.
A golden heart dangling from a bow.
And two different a nice poinsetta pins.
  A glittery snowmand, from eBay.
Two tiny Christmas pins from Cabouchon.
A tiny golden angel pin, I don't remember from where.
A small golden Christmas pin lot from eBay.
A huge golden gift, unfortunately very heavy.
A nice candle brooch.
A golden Christmas tree brooch made of tiny teddies.
A teddy brooch, from All Vintage.
Two pairs of nice Christmas tree earrings.
The first pair is from Eclectica.
The second is from Ruby Lane.
And a really crazy hot pink pair of reindeer plastic earrings from eBay.
A pair of holly earrings, from All Vintage.
A pair of Christmas ornaments earrings signed Avon, from Ruby Lane.
A pair of large real bells that really djingle, from Smoking Raven, eBay.
And a pair of small coloured real bells from Pumpkin and Peacock Feathers, Tias.
Three tiny Christmas earrings from Smoking Raven, eBay.
Two tiny gifts.
Two tiny candles.
And two tiny red enamelled bells.
  Another tiny pair of earrings from Smoking Raven, eBay, nice candy canes.
And a tiny pair of rhinestones Christmas tree earrings from Avon, bought at eBay.
All four tiny earrings are nice to use for daily wear.
Two pairs of Christmas bulb earrings from eBay.
A small pair with enamelled Christmas bulbs.
And a pair with red flashing bulbs. The batteries are hidden in the socket.
And a pair of very elegant Christmas earrings from Glitter Gals.
Konfetti øreringe i julefarver fra Glitter Gals.
Green glitter Christmas trees from eBay.
Firenze Christmas - During a year I have collected Firenze links with Christmas motifs.
All the Firenze links are from