Live roleplay in my garden2005

This is how my garden often looks every Monday. We are the happy owners of a large garden (1300 sq.m.) so Tim and his friends have lots of space for playing live roleplay. In the "woods" they have a city from the dark ages with pub, smithy and much more - I will take photos of it soon. Here are some photos showing what it looks like when my garden is invaded by heroes and monsters from the past. :)

(Click thumbnail for larger photo)

  Tim and his cousin Jesper in a bloody fight. I suppose Jesper is an orch, at least he is a horrifying monster which has to be defeated. Tim is a smith or innkeeper, it varries a bit.
  A defeated knight.
All the knights together.
Sometimes theres i 15 to 20 youngsters in my garden, I think it is a great sight.
The monster is defeated.
He looks really scaring.