Snow Tour 2001 + 2005

I love snow! It is so quiet and beautiful - just looking at it is a release. Therefore, it is prohibited to ruin the snow in the back garden, because it is the back garden we are looking at. But it is legal to play in the front garden. This is how our garden looks after a heavy snow fall.

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  A view from our main entrance to the front garden besides the approach.
Our front garden seen from the first floor showing our huge jasmine covered in snow.
The front garden seen from our office.
The hawthorn is cut down now, it died a few years ago.
Tim has built a snow igloo in the front garden.
He builds lots of igloos and snowmen in the front garden. It is legal to play with the snow in the front garden.
    The back garden seen from our bedroom on the first floor.
  The back garden seen from our dining room.
In daylight and in twilight with the lights lit on the yew tree - very cosy! Disney's Christmas Show go home! :)
Very nice icicles in the window on first floor.