Living Room Renovation 2011

The last thing we renovated was our living room. And since I have hated the sawdust wallpaper and the sauna ceilings for 15 years, I consider myself a very patient wife.
It was a huge project, as always. Everything was torn down and remade, as we wanted to bring it back to it's original vintage and elegant style. See the project below.

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Before photos:  
First a view to the bay. We both wanted to keep the same green colour in the bay after the renovation.
The black ceiling corner.
Our sofas, which died shortly after the nenovation.
Our old TV corner and my beloved painting that had to go.
A view to the dining room at the other end and from the kitchen against the office.
A view at the vitrine and the kitchen door.
Details of the bay, where you can see how the window frames are different and made of smaller pieces.
During the renovation:  
The window frames in the bay are being removed.
Everything is literally raw.
Raw window in the living room.
We removed the radiator under the window, since we never used it.
Here is the hole in floor is repaired.
Max and BIL removed the sauna ceiling - we were very excited to see what was hidden over it.
There was only one hole in the middle of the original ceiling which BIL repaired.
And we found original vintage stucco, unfortunately with two big holes over the sliding door.
Since our living room originally were two living rooms, some stucco was missing at the chimney, where the dividing wall once were.
Our BIL made lots of electricity and network.
The bay is naked. All the old boarding is removed and now a wooded skeleton had to be made to build new boarding upon.
Max sawed outside at the terrace, and Jesper often came to check if everything was done properly.
Now the bay is covered with insulating plates.
Max is making window frames in the bay.
The bay is finished.
Detail photo of how the frames are finished at the floor.
Max is painting the window frames.
The shells on the chimney are hammered down and the chimney is frazed again.
The walls are now smooth and Max puts up felt.
Since the living room was once divided into two rooms the stucco were also different. Here Max is smoothing out the difference.
BIL and Max are putting up a newly made copy of the old stucco where it was broken. We had sawed a piece down and ordered a copy.
Max is smoothing the level difference of the ceiling, where a wall has once been.
Felt is put up on the ceiling and is painted afterwards.
Max is putting up lists on the ceiling of the bay to match the stucco in the living room.
My MIL often came by to check if Max was keeping busy.
Max makes the prettiest window frames in vintage style.
Close up of the details.
Max is working in the "wooden smithy", producing window sill holders.
Detail photo of the ceiling.
Now only the floor needs to be  planed smooth.
Max is painting.
And I sew new curtains. My tailor MIL simply had to help me. :)
After photos:  
Late summer 2011, we had finished the renovation.
I have put the photos in the same order as the before photos at the top.
Our new sofas, used Chesterfields, and a view to the bay.
A view to the dining room, to the office and the vitrine and the kitchen door.
Detail photos, and the lovely shelf Max made for me, since you cannot have candle holders on a flat screen TV. ;)