Project New Roof 2008

Since we bought our house 12 years ago, Max has dreamed of a new, shiny, black roof. Now he thought the time was in since the roof was really old and quite rotten. Last Autumn we hired Snedkerbyg, who had worked on another roof in our street, so we had confidence in them. We highly recommend them to everybody. The project is doing great! See it below.

Saturday 3 May 2008: Removal of the old roof
Sunday 4 May 2008:    Renovation of the loft
Week 19, 2008: Underroof
Week 20, 2008: New attics
Week 21, 2008: New windows, tiles and felted roof
Week 22, 2008: Placing tiles and reparing cracks
Week 23, 2008: The attics are covered with white asbestos cement, the bay is demolished
Uge 24, 2008: New bay
Uge 25, 2008: Building of the base
Uge 29 og 30, 2008: Ballustrades and basement stairs
Uge 31 og 32, 2008: Basement stairs and painting of the front
Uge 34 og 35, 2008: Basement stairs og ballustrades
Uge 37 og 38, 2008: Basement stairs and rose bed
Uge 42: The finished result!

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In May Max' journeyman from his apprentice time came and put up scaffolding.
It really does something for the architecture.
Before photos of the old roof.
It was red on one side and green on the other.
But it was almost 80 years old.
The old bay and the old felted roof over the entrance. One of the scaffolding workers went through it, so Max has strengthened it with wooden plates.
Saturday 3 May 2008:
Let's start. Max has gathered a team of great guys. We started with breakfast and then they started the hard work.
They started at the south side.
Max and our neighbour are in the garden and handle the motorized wheel barrow we had borrowed from our gardener neighbour.
The waste was smashed before it was loaded into the container.
Now the first side of the roof is finished.
The boys take a break.
Before they start on the northern side.
Max and Niels load the container.
They found many birds' nest, wasp and bee nests.
Now the roof is taken down on the northern side too.
Roofless house and the boys take a break.
Lots of safety shoes.
I have made a luxurious lunch for them.
The rest of the day they shovelled old trash, newspapers, books, carpeting, madrasses, and TONNES of clay out of the open roof. Here it is totally clean and stripped.
Max is a bit paranoia, so although the weather report said fine weather, we put op some tarpaulin.
  Sunday 4 May 2008:
Mess and a load of old clay.
  The very nice old roof window.
More waste ready to be loaded unto the trailer.
Jesper and Niels came to help us again - great guys!
Niels cleaned and cleared up and Jesper and Max started making the roof floor inside. They have made a very nice room with insulation and wooden plates.
  Week 19, 2008:
Now Snedkerbyg alias Martin and his helper Michael takes over, they started with the rafter.
They put 180 mm insulation in, plates and tar paper as underroof. This is the northern side.
Same procedure at the south side.
This is how our garden looked.
And Max spent almost every evening and weekend clearing up and driving waste to the dump site.
All unpainted wood was cut up for firewood.
Week 20, 2008:
Frequently goods came on a big truck and unloaded it into our front garden.
M&M starts remaking the attics at the south side.
It is really elegant!
This is how it looked most of the time.
I found a lot of old newspapers and books from 1930, they are much fun to read.
Martin makes an attic for the northern side.
There was sawdust for a circus.
M&M on the roof making the attic.
We have been outstanding lucky with the Danish weather in May, no rain at all. So M&M hurried and finished the underroof before the rain finally came.
The new windows and a balcony door has arrived.
Week 21, 2008:
New materials - lots of tiles.
Pre-glued tiles in a row.
New window in the attic and the placing of tiles has begun on the south side.
New window in the attic of the north side.
The construction.
The small roof window is mounted.
M&M slave with the tiles.
Michael with a wheel barrow full of tiles ...
ready to be hauled up.
Max is removing the old felted roof.
It was rotten and built of rusty iron and old newspapers.
Everything is removed, we had to trash all of it.
Under the felted roof we found a strange gargoyle, a kind of cat-head which has decorated the main door back then.
I'm hunting for old newspapers. They were all from 1934, so the  entrance-extension must be from that year.
Another load for the dumpsite.
M&M quickly built a nice new roof.
The placing of tiles proceeds.
Max is ready to cruise to the dump site.
The tar paper man has made the roof tight.
We have been very lucky with the weather!
Max is reparing the chimney.
Week 22, 2008:
Placing of tiles.
M&M have worked their way to the southside.
And Max is reparing cracks.
He has also pitched a tent IF it should rain.
Week 23, 2008:
The attics are covered with white asbestos cement - it looks gorgeous!
  The bricklayer has built up to the new roof.
The bay is demolished. Max has placed an old tarpaulin he can throw the material down on.
The bay is cleared, there were several rotten rafters.
Week 24, 2008:
M&M has built a new bay.
The roof is ready for ridge tiles.
The tiles are mounted on the roof of the bay.
Week 25, 2008:
Max has made new floors in the roof slopes.
The scaffolding is taken down - yeeeha!
The ballustrades have arrived.
All the loose material is pecked off the base, so it is ready to be frazed.
Max stirs the concrete and starts frazing.
Week 29 and 30, 2008:
Max is preparing for the ballustrades at the front door.
He measures and levels.
The old and rusty poles at the basement door are removed.
Week 31 and 32, 2008:
The walls at the basement door are pecked off and cleaned and new ones are frazed.
We were lucky to get some grass on rolls from our gardener neighbour. The grass was pretty damaged at the front door.
Max painted the front of the house before we got birthday guests.
Week 34 and 35, 2008:
The ballustrades at the basement stairs are in place.
Max builds a sloping wall over the basement door to place tiles on.
The sloping wall is ready for tiles.
He frazes over the tiles.
Week 37 and 38, 2008:
He lays granite floor tiles on the basement stairs and joints afterwards.
The old red tiles over the garden door also had to be replaced.
Max is preparing his rose bed (it is not mine!).
Week 42:
The finished result seen from the front garden and from our entrance.
The nice main stairs and Max' rose bed.
The super nice basement stairs and our lovely flower jar. We have bought two more to stand on each side of the garage gate.
Our house seen from the back garden.
The nice attic.
Projects like this is best when finished! :)