Here you'll find legal wallpapers and other small things for download. Most of the wallpapers are home-made and tile-able, made of photos from my own garden etc. If it is not my own design I have written a note about it's origin in the text. All the files are virus tested and none of them change your Windows installation. I have sorted the files into seasons and holidays to make it easy to find what you need. I have divided the download site into three pages to make it quicker. Click a thumbnail to view a larger picture, then right click on the photo and choose Set as background

The suitable function when using as Wallpaper are marked at each photo - Tile or Stretch
The max width of most of the photos is 1600 pixels, which suits most screen resolutions.
If you have a broad screen I recommend you to choose Center instead of Stretch, since the photo will come out of proportions.
All new wallpapers are marked with green.

  First section:
Seasons (below)
Second section:
Third section:
  Spring Valentine's Day Bouquets  
  Summer Easter Cool cars  
  Autumn Midsummer Motor Cycles  
  Winter Saint Martin's Eve Candy, berries, fruit and nuts  
    Halloween Walls, floors and roofs  
    Christmas Sceneries  
    New Year Beaches and Shells  
    Birthday Various  


I have lots of violets in my lawn.
The two first are Tile, the third Stretch.
Blue "Snow Herb" in two versions.
And pink "fried eggs".
My beautiful bright pink bleeding heart.
The three first are Tile, the last is Stretch.
Lots of bright blue forget-me-nots from my front garden.
Small pink flowers (don't remember their name) from my front garden, 2008.
A bouquet of daffodils my sister gave my mother at Easter 2009.
Alle Stretch.
Dark purple and pink tulips from my front garden, 2008.
Purple bulbs from my front garden, 2008.
All Stretch.
Lots of apple blossoms.
Lovely apple blossoms on my old apple tree.
White, pink and red apple blossoms - from the internet.
All Stretch.
White rhododendrons from my backgarden.
And two bright purple from my front garden.
No. two is new - 2008.
All Stretch.
My pretty magnolia i my back garden, 2006 and 2008.
All Strech.
My wonderful Japanese Cherry tree. I wish it would flower like this all summer. 2006 and 2008.
All Strech.
My huge and very beautiful jasmine.
The third photos is from 2011.
My yellow leopard's-bane, 2008.
All Stretch.
My Solomon's seal and my poppy, both are from my grandfather's garden - a lovely thought.
The last white one is like weeds.
All Strech.
My dark purple lilac from my front garden.
My light purple lilac from my Cottage Pan.
My bi-coloured lilac in my front garden.
My yellow lillies, 2008.
All Strech.
My impressing and very old Iris pseudacorus.
Dark blue iris from my front garden, 2008.
All Strech.
Nice little Spring decoration in a drainpipe, from the internet and best centered due to low resolution.
Yellow pansy and a fabulous fragrance tunnel at
VW Autostadt, Germany, 2007. The last two are Stretch.
Yellow og purple crocus, from the internet and best centered due to low resolution.
Purple crocus from the internet, Stretch.


Fuchsia from my own garden.
A bright, purple flower and an orange lilly with rain drops from my front garden.
All Tile.
Clematis from my front door, Tile.
The sun flower field is from Italy, 2005, Stretch.
Waterlily taken at my parents in law's garden at the Isle of Moen, 2007, Stretch.
Daffodil-like flower that grew wild in sand at Sardinia, 2009, Stretch.
Lovage, magnolia and butterfly bush from my back garden, all three Tile.
My loosestrife, which takes over my garden if I'm not careful, Stretch.
A very nice, green laurel and bright green fern from Ulfshale forest, 2008.
Both Stretch.
Photos from Sofiero, Sweden, 2012.
Photos from Sofiero, Sweden, 2012.
Pink hydrangeas from my front garden, 2008 and 2011.
The first three are Stretch and the last is Tile.
  Lovely hydrangeas in my pots in different stages, 2011.
All Stretch.
Pink mini roses from the fence around my morning terrace.
The two first are Tile, 2005.
And the last two are Stretch, 2008.
Bright blue flowers from Wagrain, Austria.
And blue hydrangea from
VW Autostadt, Germany.
Beautiful lavenders from my sister's garden, also called the "bumblebee-bed", 2009.
Withered bulb plant from my front garden, 2008. All Stretch.
Marguerite in a pot at my main door, 2011.
Lots of flowers shot at the Garden Living exhibition, 2011.

All Stretch.
Nice pink geranium in a pot on the wall.
Nice purple flowers in a pot, I don't know their name.
Lupins and day lilies from my front garden.

All from 2011 and Stretch.
Potato flower in a pot.
Two photos of my lovely flower bed in my front garden.

All from 2011 and Stretch.
Peonies from my garden, shot with closeup lens +4, 2012.
Three red roses from my back garden.
All Stretch.
Closeup shots of roses in bouquets, 2012.
All Stretch.
Two red roses from my back garden.
Two beautiful roses from the internet.
The last pink rose is from the church on Tim's confirmation in 2008.
The New Dawn rose that grows at our main door, 2011.
All Stretch
Lots of lovely roses from the Garden Living exhibition, 2011.
All Stretch.
My large and lovely harvest anemone (I don't know the correct botanical name for it in English), 2007.
Shrimps on the Weber - then it's Summer! 2007.
A bouquet of icecreams, aah, Summer. All


A fantastic photo Max has taken in 2005. A late Summer morning we discovered a fox sleeping on the roof of our woodshed. Here he has just seen Max and looks right into the camera. Stretch.
My own blackberries are ripe, 2006.
Lots of ripe pears, taken in Germany, 2007.
My grapes in my glass house are almost ripe, 2008.
ll Stretch.
Pumpkins on my terrace, 2006 and two more pumpkins from the Internet.
The firewood is from Ulfshale, 2008.
All Stretch.
Apples on my old appletree in my back garden, 2007.
A box full of ripe apples, 2005.
My beautiful holly bush and the yew tree in my back garden.
All Stretch.
Lovely acorns among leaves and a nice
Rowanberries from my back garden, 2005.
The two fungus photos are shot in my back garden in my "wood", 2006.
All Stretch.
More fungus. The first one is a big and beautiful fungus which each year grow on my Japanese cherry tree, 2007+2008.
The three fungus in a row in my hedge is from 2007.
Fungus inside a tree, Sofiero, Sweden, 2012.
All Stretch.
More fungus. The two first are from the internet, and the third is taken by my American penpal, Laurel. The two first are Stretch, the third is Center, the last is Stretch.
The cones are from my back garden, 2008.
Small pumpkins from the Garden Living exhibition in 2011.
Begge Stræk.
Beautiful forest in Autumn shades, 2007.
Both Stretch.
  The first two trees are from the Internet.
The last tree is shot at Strandvejen, 2008.
All Stretch.
Three beautiful Autumn leaves from the Internet.
I have shot the last photo in 2007.
All Stretch.


All three photos are shot in the skiing area of Lofer, Austria, 2010.
All Stretch.
The two first photos are shot in the Lofer, Austria, 2010.
The icicles hang from our annex, 2009.

All Stretch.
The photos are shot in the area surround a hotel in Oslo, Norway, where it was freezing approx. 20C, 2009.
All Stretch.
Kitzbühlerhorn is the highest point in Austria, 2007.
A ski track right below Kitzbühlerhorn, 2007.
Snow in Austria, 2007.
All Stretch.
My troll hazel and my holly bush covered in snow, 2006.
Snowflake decoration in the window, 2012.
All Stretch.
Snow on my rhododendron.
The first sign of Spring, eranthis and snowdrops.
All Strech.
When there's no snow outside, you can have a nice snow picture on you desktop.
Beautiful icicles and a beautiful sprigs, all from the internet.
All from the internet and Stretch.
Four lovely snowscapes,all from the internet.
All from the internet and Stretch.
More nice snowscapes and an iceberg.
All from the internet and Stretch.
Three nice snowflakes and a snowman.
All from the internet and Stretch.
Snow on the wine branches outside our dining room, 2007.
The snow has drifted on our terrace, 2007, Center.
Lots of snow, from the internet.
Christmas tree made of lots of crystal, taken at
Swarovski, Austria, 2007.
Number 1, 3 and 4 are Stretch. Number 2 is Center.

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