Here you'll find legal wallpapers and other small things for download. Most of the wallpapers are home made and tile-able, made of photos from my own garden etc. If it is not my own design I have written a note about it's origin in the text. All the files are virus tested and none of them make changes in your Windows installation. I have divided the files into seasons as I find it most logic. I have divided the download site into three pages to make it quicker. Click a thumbnail to view a larger picture, then right click on the photo and choose Set as background

The suitable function when using as Wallpaper are marked at each photo - Tile or Stretch
The max width of each photo is 1600 pixels, which suits most screen resolutions.
If you have a broad screen I recommend you to choose Center instead of Stretch, since the photo will come out of proportions.
All new wallpapers are marked with green.

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  Spring Valentine's Day Bouquets  
  Summer Easter Cool cars  
  Autumn Midsummer Motor Cycles  
  Winter Saint Martin's Eve Candy, berries, fruit and nuts  
    Halloween Walls, floors and roofs  
    Christmas Sceneries  
    New Year Beaches and Shells  
    Birthday Various  


I am shooting photos of the beautiful bouquets I get, then I can enjoy them much longer.
All Stretch.

My wedding day bouquet in 2005 and a humble harvest bouquet from the church my sister's twins were christened in.
Both Stretch.
Large and very beautiful pink bouquet I received after I have helped a customer for three months, 2007.
And another beautiful pink bouquet Brian and Maibritt gave me in 2007.
Both Stretch.
Beautiful bouquet I got from my colleagues when I broke my leg in January 2011.
I got the second bouquet from a customer I had helped in 2010.
Very beautiful Christmas Bouquet son gave me for my birthday in 2010.
All Stretch.

Cool Cars

  Four cool cars in a line: Il Tempo Gigante from the movie "Bjergkøbing Grand Prix", Tim and his vintage pedal-car Trille, in which he won Concours de Charme in 2003 and my all time favourite car, Tiny Honk.
All Stretch.
The blue GT is from the club meeting in the City of Haderslev in 2006.
Allan Laxby's GT, 2007. Jesper Sahl's GT, 2008.
A very styled neon-green German GT, 2008.
All Stretch.
A GT with a tiny GT in the rear window, 2007.
A Gulf-GT, 2007.
Nice old spokes, 2007.
All Stretch.
A gorgeous vintage Corvette, everything is metallic turquoise, even the trim. The nice radiator mascot of Jaguar.
Tim has taken the nice photo of the vintage Porche.
Max' new dream car, an Audi R8 - especially inexpensive!
The three first photos are taken at Gavnø AutoJumble and the last one at
VW Autostadt. All from 2007 and Stretch.
Last day Tiny Honk drove in 2008,Tim and I went to the famous gas station designed by Arne Jacobsen and took a lot of James Dean inspired photos.
All Stretch.
I know - it is only me who will use these wallpapers, but I think they are so great!
All Stretch.

Motor Cycles

A helmet with glasses at the saddle.
A great painting on the tank.
A Yamaha with a wide tank.
Tough gloves on the saddle.

All from 2010 and 2011 and Stretch.
On our way to Fort Lauderdale in Florida, we visited a huge Harley shop, 2012.

Candy, berries, fruit and nuts

Lots of different nuts: walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, and peanuts.
All the photos are shot at a market in Alghero, Sardinia, 2009.
All Stretch.
Two different kinds of melons, pears, and peaches.
All the photos are shot at a market in Alghero, Sardinia, 2009.
All Stretch.
Piles of cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and lemons.
All the photos are shot at a market in Alghero, Sardinia, 2009.
All Stretch.

Uhm, candy! You will not get fat looking at it.
And a large piece of chocolate that doesn't contain any calories.
All from the internet and Stretch.

Delicious, ripe berries are a lovely sight. The rapsberries are Stretch.
The strawberries and the blueberries are best centered, as the resolution is too low, but try Stretch
All from the internet.
Nice nuts, both hazel and walnuts.
I've shot the first photo of the hazelnuts in Alghero, Sardinia, 2009.
How about some delish waffles?
All from the internet and Stretch.
Yummi cake, cocoa with whipped cream and grated chocolate and tea
Cafe latte and cocoa served at Café Stone Corner.
A bouquet of ice creams, aah, Summer, Stretch.
All shot in 2010 and 2011 and Stretch.

Walls, floors and roofs

Nice floor and a lovely mosaic wall in Epcot Showcase, Disneyland Florida, 2012.
Cat paw prints in the concrete, Hemmingway's house, Key West, Florida, 2012.

All Stretch.
Since I have a wall category then I ought to have some photos of The Wall from the German Democratic Republic, now East Side Gallery, the longest gallery of the world, approx. 1 mile.
I am especially fond of the last one with the crow.
I've shot the photos in Berlin, December 2009. All Stretch.
A floor and two walls from Sardinia, 2009.
All Stretch.
Beautiful view over the roofs in Toscany, Italy, 2005.
View from our vindow in the apartment we lived in in Toscany, Italy, 2005.
Both Stretch.
The ceiling of the winter garden in Glyptoteket, fantastic dome.
The ceiling of a church in Germany, I think it was in the City of Wismar.
A ceiling in the City of Lübeck, 2011.
Wooden roof in Austria, it is amazing it is tight.
All the others are from 2007 and Stretch.
Three different nice walls in Italy, 2005.
All Stretch.
Mosaic patterned wall in one of the caves in Hellbrunn, Austria.
Huge wall made solely of Seat side-view mirrors taken in
VW Autostadt in Germany.
Both from 2007 and Stretch.
Two nice, old and worn floors in Italy, 2005.
The mosaik floor in the Winter Garden in Glyptoteket, 2007.
All Stretch.
Lovely mosaic pattern in the floor in our holiday apartment in the City of Wagrain, Austria.
Stones placed in a shell-like pattern in the water in
Hellbrunn, Austria.
Both from 2007 and Stretch.


In January 2012, I visited Dubai with my company, and we went on a wild jeep safari to the desert. In the first photo a man is sitting meditating and on the second you see sand as long as you can see.
The sunset seen from the southernmost point at Key West, 2012.
All Stretch.
In June 2012 we visited Sofiero in Sweden, and it was truly beautiful.
At the first photo you see the view from the restaurant, the second is a little lake surrounded by flowers and the third is the view to Denmark.
All Stretch.
The view from the top of Hammer lighthouse at the Isle of Bornholm, 2011.
Chive field at Bornholm, 2011.
Scenery from the Port of Hammer at the Isle of Bornholm, 2011.
All Stretch.
Rock sceneries at the Isle of Bornholm, 2011.
All Stretch.
Strange little rock in the middle of the ocean and two lovely views.
All the photos are shot at Sardinia, 2009.
All Stretch.
A harbour framed by masts and booms, Tim has shot this photo.
A rock that looks like a skull.
All the photos are shot at Sardinia, 2009.
All Stretch.
Jäger See is a strikingly beautiful lake in Austria, 2007.
All from 2007 and Stretch.
Lichtenstein Klam in Plankenau, Austria, is an incredibly beautiful experience. Turbulent water has carved through the mountains through thousands of years.
All from 2007 and Stretch.
Hans has also taken the nice photo of the Ruins of Hammershus, Bornholm.
I have taken the photo of the stream in the City of Wagrain, Austria, 2007.
Both Stretch.
The first is the Lake of Bagsvaerd (my city), 2007.
The second is a view over heath and forest in Ulfshale, Moen, 2008.
Both Stretch.

Beaches and Shells

And a view over the horizon at Ulfshale beach, 2008. All Stretch.
The waves hits the beach with decorative seaweed - you can almost hear the sound.
The photos are shot in 2006 at the beach of Ulfshale, where I have my tiny Summer cottage, Pan.
All Stretch.
Stones with raindrops. The photos are shot in 2006 at the beach of Ulfshale, where I have my tiny Summer cottage, Pan.
All Stretch.
Lots of shells and conches shot in a shoop in Key West, February 2012.
All Stretch.
The conch is the logo of Key Wests and the starfish is just a very decorative animal. Key West, February 2012.
All Stretch.


I have played around with my closeup lenses, here it is my 100 years old typewriter, Corona, and piano keys on my vintage piano, 2012.
All Stretch.
How about some fifties atmosphere on your desktop? The Photos are shot in Universal Studio, 2012
Both Stretch.
The dome in Epcot, Disneyland, 2012.
A vintage swing boat at Graested Vintage Car Meeting, 2012.
Palms in Florida, 2012.
All Stretch.
Beautiful crystals hanging from sprigs, 2012.
Vintage organ at Graested Vintage Car Meeting, 2012.
Rocket engine, Kennedy Spacecenter, 2012.
All Stretch.
When we were on holiday in Florida in February 2012, we visited Universal Studio  and fell in love with Hogwarts. Here you see Hogwarts where there is a roller coaster inside, the snow covered roofs of the city and the Hogwarts Express.
All Stretch.
More Hogwarts photos: Owl post.
The evil book was inside a cage, so the photos is shot through the grate.
The candyshop, where we bought special HP candy.
All Stretch.
A real bull's eye from my back garden, 2006. Suddenly, six balloons flew over our garden. I am especially fond of the first photo with the waxing moon besides it.
Both Stretch.
Tim has shot the photo of the sky in Italy, 2005. If you look closely, the clouds form a skull.
The famous gas station Designed by af Arne Jacobsen in 1937.
Both Stretch.
How about a healthy desktop with lots of colourful vegetables?
Or cooling ice cubes during Summer?
All from the internet and Stretch.
A branch dips into the lake at the Castle of Egeskov, 2006.
I have shot the photo of the huge hedge inside - also from the Castle of Egeskov, 2006.
The sun plays with the leaves of the beech tree, taken at Hellbrun, Austria, 2007.
A lopsided tree at our camping site at Sardinia, 2009. All Stretch.
Tires from Cph Historic Grand Prix, 2009.
Cones and a photo of stones in water shot by Tim at Sardinia, 2009.
All Stretch.
Who doesn't need a big kiss!?
A nice spiral staircase, much like a shell.
Fun to have a keyboard at your screen.
Nice snail shell, apropos the staircase.
All from the internet and Stretch.
Full moon, the record is playing, my hero Indiana Jones' hat and whip and delicious sushi.
All from the internet and Stretch.
Oesterlars Church seen from below, lots of cups (The Technical Museum of Bornholm), a daub painting and lots of lego blocks, all taken in 2010 and 2011.
All Stretch.
In the Summer 2008 I walked in Ulfshale forest and had taken my little camera with me, here are the results.
All Stretch.
"The Water Mother" - beautiful sculpture in the middle of the Winter Garden in Glyptoteket.
If you are not the romantic type, you might choose a pirate skeleton for your screen. Taken in Hansaland, Germany, 2006.
Lots of silver cutlery at a flea market in the City of Lübeck, Germany.
Tim has taken the funny photo inside the crystal dome in
Swarovski, Austria. If you look closely you can see Max and I. All four from 2007 and Stretch.
My favourite photo of Marilyn Monroe, the most beautiful of all women ever.
A kinky stocking photo and a beautiful necklace on pink silk.
All are from the internet.
The first is Center, the last two are Stretch.
How about cartoons on your screen?
Or some good old cassette tape-nostalgia?
All from the internet and Tile.


A fantastic photo Max has taken in 2005. A late Summer morning we discovered a fox sleeping on the roof of our woodshed. Here he has just seen Max and looks right into the camera. Stretch.
A bumblebee, shot with my closeup lens +4, 2012.
A lizard in Universal Studio, 2012.

All Stretch.
My old tortoise, Tobias, eats his favourite dish, dandelions.
A green frog in my parents in law's garden lake at the Isle of Moen, 2007.
A funny photo of a cat on a blanket with lots of cats. And a curious black cat, both from the internet.
All Stretch.
Tiny bird who sat shivering while we watched. Taken at my Summer cottage, Pan, 2007. I could not decide which photo was the best, so you get both.
Both Stretch.
A squirrel is having a feast in my lovely bird mansion which Tim has designet and Max has made for my birthday some years ago, 2009, Stretch.
A ladybug taken from Eclectica, Tile.
Two nice goldfish, a glowing blue butterfly and a big green grasshopper Max caught at our cottage Pan, 2008. The three first are from the internet.
All Stretch.
At summer when my old tortoise, Tobias, walks freely at our lawn a cat often sits and looks surprised at him, 2011.
A pigeon at our roof, 2011.
Two photos of crocodiles in Miami, 2012.

Both Stretch.

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