My Sister's Wedding

On 29 September 2001 my sister, Pusle, was married to Lars in the Church of Elmelunde Kirke at Moen.
Then they drove in our parents vintage car, a Fiat 508C Ballila to the Castle of Liselund, where they were going to have their photographs taken.
From there to the Castle of Rosenfeldt where we ate a lovely dinner and danced to the early morning.

See photos from the wedding if you like (click thumbnails for larger photo):

At Pusle's bachelor night she was dressed like Pippi and had to sing and dance to the Pippi song, which she loved as a child. Later we all tried to learn Square Dance. Thereafter, we ate a cosy dinner in the city and Randi read tarot cards for her.
Dad and Pusle on their way up the aisle.
The sweet bridesmaids. Pusle's son, Mads, proudly carries the rings.
Now they're done!
They are indeed a nice couple!
The whole gang.
Mads is Pusle's son.
Simone and Helene are Lars' daughters.
Henning was chauffeur again. Here he is waiting by Frederik. 
The newly-weds arrives at the Castle of Rosenfeldt.
The sweet bridesmaids at the staircase.
Lars' speech.
Dad makes a speech for the first time ever. It was sister's great wish.
The garter.
The newly-weds kissed!
Both up and down.
The three children tested if Pusle and Lars were able to cooperate. 
At first Lars had to be shaved.
Then he ate breakfast.
And then, of course, he had to brush his teeth. In between he were allowed to rinse his mouth with beer.
This is how it looked from behind. Pusle managed the movements and she could not see anything.
The many nice gifts were opened and noted.
Cutting out the cake.
The waltz.
Lars' socks were stripped with a potato peeler, we could not find scissors.
The veil is ripped.
Helene sings an autumn song for her dad and Pusle. It was SO nice!
Nice to have a great uncle who likes to play.
The band were great.
The bride swings her dad.
... and her brother.
Cousin dance.
Tim is dancing with his pretty cousin - but they are NOT engaged!
Time for a midnight snack. Yes, the red lightning is me. Sister should not be the only one in a wedding dress that day.  :)