My Brother's Wedding

On 18 May 2002 my brother, Thomas, was married to Stina in the Church of Mern.
Then they drove in our parents vintage car, a Fiat 508C Ballila to a forest nearby, where they were going to have their photographs taken.
From there to the Nyråd Inn, where we ate a lovely dinner and danced to the early morning.

See photos from the wedding if you like (click thumbnails for larger photo):

At Stina's bachelor night she was picked up by a large Cadillac from the fifties. The chauffeur drove her to a beauty salon, with a single engine failure. Later we surprised her at the salon.
And what did she see? A bunch of wild punks.We had all spend the time dressing and making up like punks.
She was beautiful!
Notice the shoes - normally they turn upwards!  :)
We drove to a nice little restaurant, Fik-Ret, and they had belly dancing. Stina had to join her. Then Randi also read tarot cards for her.
Brother started his bachelor night at the shooting gallery, but they were thrown out, because some of them did not have a weapon license! Now the situation was desperate, so at first they raced to a bowling house - thanks to two wives searching the internet.
From there to a gocart center, that was fun!
They ended up at Bakken. Brother was the only one who could make the bell ring.
Waltz practise - brother played hooky at all his dance lessons as a child. Waste of money, mum!
Brother & Co. before the wedding.
Max was both best man and toastmaster.
Remember who also had to lose a shoe before she got her prince?
"Are you really sure?" - INDEED she was!!!
Here comes the bride!
Stina was followed by her brother.
All the bride boys. Nick in the middle is Thomas and Stina's son.
The two other boys are twin cousins. 
The men in front of the altar. From left it is Stina's brother, Max and my dad.
Now it's too late to regret.
But they didn't!
Look how the bride is shining.
It's over.
They were a beautiful couple. You felt like being in "Gone with the Wind". 
Lots of rice. The bridesmaid's porno nails had to pick them out of the bride's nice hair.
The bouquet.
The wedding ring, which Lady Di would envy.
They did not engrave name and date as normally used, but only "Forever"!
Now we're driving with Frederik at a "picnic". It was hard to find a clearing satisfactory for the photographer.At last we succeeded and of course it was the one with most nettles!
... kissing.
... fondling.
... licking.
... biting.
"Get down on your knees, boy!"
(Brother has not been on his knees proposing)
"It was about time!"
During the dinner they had to get up and kiss several times.
Tim is kissing aunt Stina - og he is not the kissing kind.
And I gave brother the tongue kiss he has always asked for!
And dad kissed him too - yes, we are not ordinary in my family!  :)
Brother made the most fantastic speech I've ever heard! In fact his first. The small note is Stina's phone number, which he has kept in his wallet since they first met 13 years ago. But he is NOT romantic!  :)
And dad made a speech again, now he is skilled (his second speech ever).
Stina's stepfather had made their house from memory to hide the songs. Its was really great.
The Princess - she was beautiful!
... why did brother say YES!?!  :)
  Here you can really see the lovely dress.
Cake cutting and feeding.
Stina's sister had made the cake and it tasted wonderful.
Nick assisted unpacking the MANY gifts. I wrote gift lists.
The waltz. It almost looks like a scene from Titanic.
The socks are cut. And brother is not easy to carry. He says that men below 100 kg are feminine - and he is NOT!
The veil is ripped, while Stina shouted prices on the veil and her coiffure.
The bridesmaid removes the rest of the veil and adjust the hair.
Dancing. Tim is dancing with her cousin but they are not sweethearts!
The newly-weds in a quiet dance. It was not easy with the big dress.
The band, Party Boulevard, really did a great job. And suddenly Elvis Presley in person appeared!
The Princess rested her feet.
The bridesmaid in her lovely dress. Stina gave it to me because I was her bridesmaid. I was involved in most of the preparations: choosing wedding dress, practising waltz, planning bachelor night, putting on her make up and helped during the photographing.
The children had fun too. Tim is dressed like a robot and a the band dedicated a song to him. Helene was dressed like a gift.
The party is over!