Our Wedding

We were married the 24. august 1991 in the Church of Elmelunde Kirke at Moen.
My parents surprised us with a horse-drawn carriage in which we drove to the City of Keldby. Then we changed to my parents vintage car, a Fiat 508C Ballila.
From Keldby the journey continued to the City of Stege (the "Capital" of Moen), where we were going to have our photographs taken.
Then we drove back to the City of Keldby, to eat dinner and party at Praestekilde Hotel. We also slept in a room at the hotel.
Yes, my wedding dress was blood red. White has never been my colour and I am not ordinary. ;)
I had made a drawing of  the dress and given it to my mother in law, who is a professional tailor, and asked her to sew it for me.
We could not afford a Honeymoon, so we borrowed dads little boad and sailed away. The boat was filled with spiders and the rain poured down the first day - but we still remember it.

See photos from our wedding if you like (click thumbnails for larger photo):

At my bachelor night I was kidnapped by a handsome guy from my department. He drove me round the city in a Morris Minor. Notice the red carpet!

Of course I had do take an aerobics lesson (I'm VERY bad at aerobics!), and thereafter I had to work on several of the machines - some more kinky than others.
Ahhh ... massage!
And then a sign with "buy kisses" and dangling condoms were put on me and I had to walk with "the guys" to the Station of Valby.
The right outfit for "my last night with the guys" had to be french underwear.
First to a restaurant.
Then we took a bus - the guys were not very rich.
Masculine strip - he was nothing special - and at first we were so happy he was black!
...and then my turn.
Notice the condoms in my neckline.
Me with the guys.
Of course they went to the mans room all night.
Here I am with my good old friend Tove. I have known her since I was 7 years old.
Dad forge the heartshaped form for the wedding cakes.
Mum and my beloved grandma help decorating the wedding cakes (get the recipe here).
The Ignjatovic family, before they get one more.
I'm on my way.
Does she show up?
And here I am with my dad.
The horse and carriage were a surprise from my parents.
Here comes the bride ...
Now we're done and Max walks happily with me by his side and with the envolope in his hand.
Did we get rice?
We kissed ... and got more rice!!!
Driving with "Lise" (yes, the horse had the same name as my mother!).
Now we have had our photographs taken and arrives at the hotel in Frederik.
The Royal Family - except Tove, she were on the pottie!
The nice decorated tables.
I succeeded in getting red table cloths but it was not easy to persuade them.
Of course we had to get up on the chairs to kiss, but my dress was too tight so Max had to lift me up!
Cutting the lovely cake.
The impressing gifts.
We had to have a single ugly thing.
"Der Führer's Left Sock" (the band) did what they could to make a nice party.
The wedding waltz.
Max' socks are cut.
My parents in law gives a jitterbug show, they were great!
Limbo dance.
Surely, there is many ways to come under the stick.
The bridegroom a few hours after he's been married with the bride's friend - happily I'm not sensitive!  :)
I'm dancing with my dad.
Here you can se the pretty dress, I will always be grateful to my mother in law.
The next day my beloved grandma had bought us a triumphal arch.
My wedding bouquet with all the roses from the church at my granpa's grave. Unfortunately, he died 4 months before we were going to be married.
Our honeymoon in pouring rain. The groom went into the cabin and I sat outside with the tiller in the rain.
But we were cosy!
And the view to the Bridge of Moen is beautiful.
The Officer!
The Bridge of Faroe seen from below.