Fars Home Camper

For about four years dad has been working on this very nice home camper, which he can put on the truck body of his old Chevrolet Stepside from 1940. He has designed and measured everything himself. As he has skills from a shipbuilding yard too, everything fits more than one way. And of course there is both toilet, kitchen with gas ring, sink and refrigerator - and an oil burner for heating. Mum and dad sleeps in the double bed above the driver's cab. Many envy him this pearl of a home camper and it always attracts attention, which dad doesn't seem to mind.

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Here it is, the Chevy with the home camper mounted.
Everything fits perfectly together.
Dad can raise and lower the camper individually if the ground isn't plain.
The door opens in three levels.
Here is the inside.
If the table is lowered and turned you can make another double bed.
Note the nice stereo and the oldfashioned gas lamps.
The kitchen with the refrigerator below.