Concours de Charme 2003

Sunday 15 June 2003 we participated in the largest exhibition of vintage cars in Denmark. The exhibition is held at Gavnoe Castle. There were 1,200 exhibitors and more than 7,000 visitors.
Like last year, we attended with all dads vehicles and Tim's little Ford T gocart. Again this year we attendted the "Concours de Charme" category, in which you have to dress and make environment corresponding to the age of the car.
Mum and I drove in mum's Fiat 508C from 1939, Max and Tim drove in dad's Chevrolet truck from 1940 with little Trille (the gocart) on the truck body and dad drove his Harley Davidson from 1925.
Again this year, Max was dressed like an american country jake, mum and I were elegant ladies from 1940 and dad was dressed like the first owner of the Harley (he is only the second owner). Tim was dressed like a boy from 1910 and that was not easy. He had lots of toys on a blanket from back then.
Again it was a lovely treat, because Tim won third prize in the "before 1940" category. He was the youngest exhibitor with the oldest vehicle.All the children were very envious of Tim when he drove a few victory rounds with his huge golden prize. He was four points from the second prize.

See pictures from the day (click thumbnails for larger photo):

Tim's stand. Granpa had made him a diabolo sticks and reel and Max had made him a barrel hoop. Besides this he had blocks, old cars, wooden locomotive, wooden truck, an old teddy with only one arm and an old book.
He played yoyo and the barrel hoop all day long for the visitors.
Mum and I as elegant ladies at the coffee table beside the Fiat.
Dad and his Harley.
The Swedes from last year attended with these two vehicles this year.
The taxi won first prize and the truck won second prize in the "before 1940" category.
The after 1940 line.
The Volvo from the seventies attented this year too.
The after 1940 line.
Tim is driving down the line.
The Duchess is being waited by her chauffeur.
The car is an Opel Captain from the sixties. They won third prize.
The girls from the fifties with their nice VW Karmann Ghia.
They were great and won second prize in the "after 1940" category.
The Jaguar E beside them won first prize in the "after 1940" category.
More nice cars.
A organ grinder came and played for us.
A nice little Heinkel bubble car.
The line of cars opposite us.
An NSU Max, which Max is named after.
Dad in the finale line.
We all ended up in the finale again this year.
Dad drives to the judges' stand.
There were 13 judges with their own speciality.
Mum and I drive to the judges' stand.
Max drives to the judges' stand.
And here Tim comes rolling.
Notice the happy faces of the audience. He was a great success again this year.
He told the judges about his little car and played yoyo in front of them.
The Baron himself gives Tim his huge third prize.
... and an expensive bottle of champagne and a bag with gentleman products from Clinique.
He could hardly drive away with it.
Here Tim drives away with all his stuff.
And here is the second and the first prize ind the "before 1940" category.
Tim was only four points from the second prize - really good!
The happy winner!
Ready to go. The Harley is on an old trailer, because it was ill a few days before the exhibition.78 years are no age!
The prize at Tim's room.