Concours de Charme 2002

The 16 June 2002 we participated in the largest exhibition of vintage cars in Denmark. The exhibition is held at Gavnoe Castle. There were 1,130 exhibitors and more than 7,000 visitors. We attended the "Concours de Charme" category, in which you have to dress and make environment corresponding to the age of the car.
We attended with all dads vehicles and Tim's little Ford T gocart. Mum and I drove in mum's Fiat 508C from 1939, Max and Tim drove in dad's Chevrolet truck from 1940 with little Trille (the gocart) on the truck body and dad drove his Harley Davidson from 1925.
Max was dressed like an american country jake, mum and I were middle class chicks from 1940 and dad was dressed exactly like the first owner of the Harley (he is only the second owner), we had an old photo of the first owner.
It was a lovely treat, sun was shining and there were lots of happy people. And all the children were very envious of Tim's old gocart, which dad has found at a breaker and Max has restored.
You were judged by your costume, the environment and the vehicle. All four vehicles were in the finale - very good! Dad won third prize for the Harley and as the only one of 1,130 exhibitors Tim won an extra prize! VERY good!

See pictures from the day (click thumbnails for larger photo):

The Chevy with Max as an american country jake. Our beautiful Bentley friend decorates the other photo.
The Chevy camp. Dad had borrowed some bundles of straw which we used as table and chairs.
The Fiat camp.
Tim and Trille. Trille is named after my dad's first car which was a red Morris 8.
The Bentley neighbours. They had style! They won first prize in the "after 1940" category.
Dad and his Harley.
The motorcycle neighbours. The handsome soldier with the military Nimbus won first prize. The Gog won second prize and the boy on the exhibition moped also won a prize.
Opposite the Fiat were three Elvises and a Taunus from the fifties.
A Volvo garage. Some were very creative with their environment.
An old policecar. Inside were two policemen and Egon Olsen in handcuffs, with his stethoscope, cigar bit and rubber gloves.
A mint green Volvo from 1972. Their environment were very good - even the food were like the food we ate in the seventies.
One of my favourite cars - an Opel GT from the sixties.
This guy had just brought the car home from the US and didn't do anything else than polish it and scold when people got near it. He did not reach the finale - it takes personality!
A Swedish Ford B, which also won.
Another Swedish Ford B, which had a really nice environment and owners. Even the snaps in the basket were from the right year.
The neighbour of the Fiat were a Morris 8 - like dad's first car.
The neighbour of the Fiat to the other side. He had an old radio which functioned!
Most of the line in the "before 1940" category.
A nice old caravan - much has changed since then.
We drive to the finale.
Tim drives to the judges' stand and is being praised (the Ford T club was excited). He was interviewed and told with high and clear child voice that his granpa had found Trille at the dump and that his dad had restored it. Then they called his dad to the judges' stand.
After the finale we had time for a short walk. My dad had a moped like this one, it was because of it he scored mum!
An old tractor, which attracted a lot of boys when it was started.
Many had to look in the motors from back then.
I think I like Fords ...
Here is a line of nice Ford B's.
More Fords.
They had style then!
The bubble car camp.
The light blue Messerschmidt was for sale, the bidding started at DKK 57,000!
I like the old black one most.
Nice truck, I suppose it is a Chevrolet.
Somone had brought an old gramophone and a spare jar.
Caravans were also represented. Here is an old Morris Minor with a mini caravan and a Ford with a caravan in the same colour.
Herbie's brother (Herbie had number 53 and was older) and his family were represented.
A nice old Harley and a very nice Indian.
When Tim is moved one day, we want a red Nimbus, though not with a trailer.
Now we are lined up to get prizes. Tim were almost cracking of pride and excitement. But he was very dissapointed when he did not receive a golden prize.
Dad got one, a huge golden third prize.
Tim was inconsolable because he did not get a golden prize.
Now we are going home. Trille is on the truck body.
At home we were in television and dad recorded it!