Cowboy Party

Long time before Tim's 8 years birthday he had decided that he wanted a cowboy party. Max and I had attended a cowboy party months ago and it had inspired him.

See photos from the day if you like (click thumbnails for larger photo):

Our flag is run up by Tim early in the morning.
Most of the cowboys before we start the show.
First they ate cowboy food.
Revolver practise.
Sneak practise.
Hobbyhorse riding with obstacles.
Shooting against candles with water pistols.
Catch the nice cow with a lasso.
Shooting ballons with arrows.
Gold wash - very concentrated.
The gold should be exchanged with candy, but Billy the Kid had stolen it! So now the wild hunt through the neighbourhood started.
Captured! But he got loose again. It was hard to persuade him to give the candy back, but they succeded when they promised to share the candy with him. 
Here he is - the bad guy Billy the Kid!
Alias my brother Thomas.
Here are all the cowboys, the parents and the villain gathered.