Disco Party

On Tim's 10 years birthday we had a disco party. We invited his school class and had a real disco party. The party were exactly alike the grown ups' parties apart from we had no alcohol in the bar. But we had lots of coloured drinks anyway and a real DJ came later in the evening.

You can see the drinks card here (Word doc in Danish).

See photos from the day if you like (click thumbnails for larger photo):

As usual we spend a day raising tents. The next day we decorated, laid the table and made ready for food and drinks.
The celebrating person himself in his best party dress.
The guests are arriving. All of them got welcoming glass with punch.
The gifts are unpacked.
Tim made a speech - SO nice!
We grilled a lot of different sausages and had put many different kinds of accompaniments on a table.
As dessert they got banana splits.
The party.
After dinner they made a beauty contest.
They danced.
The bartenderen was busy.
Relaxation with a drink and popcorns.
Pass the orange.
After the "pass the orange" dance, they invented a "single orange dance", also called the "chin dance".
If you have a long straw you can dance and drink at the same time!
The blue drinks were a success.
Tim's greatest wish was a real DJ should come and play for them. DJ Dauw (to the right) did! He came later in the evening and played music for the them.
When the parents came to fetch their children they also got a drink in the bar.