Pyjamas Party

On Tim's 6 years birthday we had a pyjamas party. Everybody were dressed in pyjamas and got brunch at 10. We served a lot of unhealthy breakfast and everybody got a teddy. We, the parents, were of course also dressed in pyjamas most of the day.

See photos from the day if you like (click thumbnails for larger photo):

The nice table with all the unhealthy breakfast food.
We got up at seven in the morning to bake stacks of pancakes.
Everybody got a small teddy.
All the kids ate precisely what they wanted to, even if it was pancakes with Nutella!
The team with their teddies.
The treasure hunt, the map is studied carefully.
Here you have to feel what's inside the bag.
When the children cannot read, you have to figure it out and make drawings instead of writing.
Throwing boccia balls.
Throwing rings.
There were much more disciplines than those on the photos.
The treasure is at the top of the flagpole!
Dad has to help getting it down.
The treasures (candy) is shared.