Tim's Tivoli

On Tim's 9 years birthday we had build a tivoli in our garden. We had ten different amusements to try. While the boys were eating they got an empty bag and then they had to win their candy. The amount of candy equalled to their efforts, but some are good at something and others are good at other things, so they all went home with almost the same amount of candy.

See photos from the day if you like (click thumbnails for larger photo):

The invitation.
It takes some work to build a tivoli, in fact a weekend. It took me a day to paint signs and we spend a day together raising tents and amusements.
First they got sausages - Tim's idea.
"Breaking up the Happy Home" was a great success! We had got lots of free china at the local recycle shop. When the parents came to fetch their boys, they also had to try.
Gold wash.
Pumpgun, they shot against plastic bottles with foam balls.
The nail stand.
The lucky wheel.
We did not have a roller coaster, but they got a wild tour in our garden barrow.
Popcorn pause.
Balloon shooting with arrows.
Throwing rings.
Notice their balloons.
The strong man test. The box weighed 45 kilos! Several of the boys were able to lift it. Besides Sebastian at the photo - Simon, Rasmus S., Jonas, Christian C. and Rasmus R. also could lift it.
The team.
We also had a croquet stand, but no picture of it.