Photo Album

Take it easy. The Photo Album will not contain holiday photos, unless they are so funny, we want to share them. No, my thought is that it should contain parties and other milestones in our lives.

See my nail art.

See photos of Tim (his shrovetide costumes, Christmas card motifs and his school photos).

See my Opel GT from 1971 - the smartest, cutest and coolest car in the world!

See my collections. I collect perfume bottles, crystal figurines, small right shoes and much more.

The vintage vehicles of my family.
See dad's home-made Home Camper
See dad's super boat Martha - a Hurley 27 feet from 1974.

Tim's birthday parties (inspiration to all parents).

My 40th birthday - theme: Glitter!

Our copper wedding - 12 years marriage

Our wedding, we were married the 24 August 1991 in the Church of Elmelunde, Moen.
My sister's wedding, she was married to Lars the 29 September 2001 in the Church of Elmelunde, Moen.
My brother's wedding, he was married to Stina the 18 May 2002 in the Church of Mern. They are divorced now.

Our 20th anniversary, on the 29 August 2000 we had been spooning for 20 years!

Concours de Charme 2002. The largest exhibition of vintage car in Denmark.
Concours de Charme 2003. Tim won third price in the "before 1940" category.