Martha is my dad's boat. She is a Hurley 27 from 1974, and was filled with water when dad found her in the port. Because she was going to be scrapped and nothing was working, he got her very cheap. Today, dad can get a small fortune for her.

Martha is called after a ship in an old Danish movie called "The Good Ship Martha", which both Tim and grandpa/dad love to see. So when Tim walked around singing the Martha song from the movie and since grandpa's grandma's name was Martha, then the boat could not be named anything else.

Martha was in a miserable state when dad bought her, so all of us agreed that it was not dad who wanted Martha, but Martha who wanted dad. Who other than a miracle smith than him would be able to get a good boat out of her. :)

See pictures of Martha (click thumbnail for larger photo):

Martha in the port.
Dad and Martha.
The sail.
The picture is taken from the point.
The crew seen from the cabin.
The nice compass.
Echo sounder etc.
The pantry.
Sister has painted the logo
The fine little toilet is made of china and you can unfold the small wash basin.
The bride suite, as dad calls it.
The cabin seen from the bride suite.
The nice little oil burner and the stereo.
A refrigerator is also part of a luxury cruiser.