Opel GT

See photos of the final result.

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Here he is - mum's baby!
Seen from the front and rear end (nice butt!).
Seen slantwise from the front, from the rear end and from the side.
Nice curves!
The happy frogs looks right into the camera.
He's adorable.
From my first club meeting.
There's always crowdy around Tiny Honk when we go to club meetings or shows.
At the photo in the middle Tiny Honk is hidden by the crowd.
At the last photo he is also almost hidden.
At the annual club meeting in the City of Kalundborg in August 2007.
The GT cabriolet got most of the crowd, it is very special.
Yes, I'm also elected "Smart Ass" of the year 2007.
Just because I looked behind for a cyclist and slowly drove up under the trailer hook of the car in front of me - 14 days before we should display at Gavnoe! I spent all the night in this fashionable boiler suit with emblem on the back.
In May 2007 I drove a friend of mine's daughter in the GT at her confirmation.
It was a success as always. All the boys hoped it was one of them, but it was not! I love driving girls, it makes the boys even more envious.