Opel GT links

History and various:
The GT came first! So please don't call it a "German Corvette" or a "Discount Corvette"!
Here are two links that proves it and that are quite interesting: Opel Club OMC and Wikipedia.
See the original colours of the GT
Lovely vintage commercial - smart but small.

I'm member of the Danish Opel GT club
OpelPower Denmark
Orginaization of European Opel GT clubs
The American Opel GT club

Spareparts and books:
Suselbeek (The Netherlands)
SplendidParts (Germany)
Opel GT Source (USA)
Wundergeil - pimp your GT (Denmark)
Walker exhaustion (The Netherlands)
Wolfgang's Opel GT shop (Germany)
I've bought many smaller spareparts at eBay
And Amazon is always a good book source - I've bought a.o. the Opel GT Gold Portfolio

Private Danish websites about Opel GT:
The Frifelt family's site
Jesper Sahl's Opel GT site
Wod's Opel GT site
Allan Munkholm's Opel GT site