Perfume Bottles

I have collected perfume bottles since I was about 6 years old, so I have quite a lot now. Today, I have more than 800 different bottles, have not counted them lately. Max hates them, but he is not the one to dust them, so he cannot complain.

I love the minis, they are the small ones made exactly like the real ones, but they are hard to get. It is not possible to buy them, usually they come with a product as a gift.

My favourite perfume linke is Passion for Perfume. Janice does an incredibly good job with her website, on which you can buy bottles and there are links to many other sites. I have not bought anything yet, but use the site to see the value of my own bottles.

So don't waste an empty bottle, give it to me!  :)

See some of my collection. I have put a red lighter beside the bottles for size comparison (click thumbnails for larger photo):

All my collection:

Left bookshelf.
Updated february 2013.
The letter case with the tiny bottles in.
Updated february 2013.
Right bookshelf.
Updated february 2013.

First and largest:

I begin with my smallest and largest bottle.
The teeny tiny bottle was my very first, my mother gave it to me when I was about 6 years old, with two drops of Chanel No. 5.

Mother and child:

A jumbo size (200 ml) Dior.
Maja - my grandma's favourite and two Chanel classics.
  A pair of old favourites, unfortunately out of production.
Paris - my grandma's favourite to the last.
My mother's favourite, also out of production.
My favourite for the present and Dali's nose and mouth sculpture.
A black Italian "ball", Kenzo's leaf and a beautiful blue bottle.


  A handful of colourful minis.
The Samba series. If you cannot choose otherwise, choose from the colour.
Wonderful torsos. Smells awfull, only bought because of the bottles, especially the tiny snow globe.
L'Air du Temps' famous doves in a cage, Niki de Saint Phalles' famous snakes and Arden's wedding rings.
  A great pink bottle and Boucheron's sapphire ring.
A lovely tiny green cone (smells awful, but so cute).
A real classic, 4711.
A fine little egg with leaf on and a tiny conch in a key chain.


A small collection of old bottles.
More old bottles.


On to the more special:
A diamond in the right size.
A leather wrapped bottle.
A red lunch box.
A tin with a torso in.
A lighting through a bottle (I have put fake perfume into the bottle).
And a see-through name.
The longest perfume in the world.
The little mermaid.
Pierre Cardin's lady and gentleman scent - guess which one is for who? :)
And two other lady and gentleman scents, in more logic bottles.
Collector items.
Solid perfumes bought abroad.
Apple Blossom - an old one.

Head Over Heels is a funny bottle with a pair of legs in the air.

A new and an old version of Arden's Blue Grass.
L'Air du Temps through times.
A L'Air du Temps purse bottle and an unknown bottle.
Black women's neck rings have inspired this bottle design.
A pinguin perfume. I wonder if penguins smell like this?
A green dog shit and a pink bottle with golden nut stopper.
Popeye the Sailor's fiancée, Olivia.
Marilyn Monroe with blown up skirt.
More blow up skirts, Organza.
More female inspiration:
Lauders waist.
And a twisted waist..
A pink bottle (not one I have bought).
A blue after shave, my grandpa's, I can almost feel him, when I smell it.
And a black granulated after shave, smells really awful.
Red Harley (Hot Road), Max' favourite, unfortunately out of production.
As dad says: " Harley should not be under your arms, but between your legs" (see his Harley at Concours de Charme).
A high and thin and a tiny and thick.
And a twisted stopper, also out of production.
I will end this show and tell page with something rare:
A DANISH perfume - Jackpot.
The scent was pink and the bottle is decorated with roses. Very nice!