Sanne's 40 years birthday party

Now it was my turn to step into the grown up's line and it had to be celebrated. In the invitation I had written "Dress: Glitter!" and fortunately some had really taken it serious. Almost every body sparkled one way or another - if not, then they did when they drove home, because I had scattered glitter all over. :)

See photos from the day if you like (click thumbnails for larger photo):

The nice table. I have borrowed the nice table cloths of my friend Tina. There is purple hearts with names and menu cards on the plates, there is a tissue rose in the glass and lots of glitter on the table cloth.
My mother has made the Christmas decoration. It is a tradition that the first Christmas decoration is on my birthday table.
I am mixing the welcome drink "Swimming pool ala SG", my own creation and it matches my dress. :)
The waiters and the kitchen personel.
I am unpacking the gifts - I am a giftomaniac!!!
I also got a few songs.
Some sparkled more than others. Søren had the greatest shirt of them all. He had borrowed it from a rock band member - we do believe him. :)
More glitter. Jesper and Tina had bought very nice jackets for the occation. My mother was also very sparkling.
Sister and Lars Kulle.
My mother ind law and daddy.
Coffee atmosphere.
A computer acted as jukebox - thanks to Jesper!
I am not quite satisfied with the camera angle ...
Dancing ...
The birthday child danses with her daddy ...
... and with her "little" brother!
And here you can see the dress I have been starving for SIX weeks to be able to suit! I don't think I ever come into it again, sigh!
Bartender-boys! They did a great job, as is seen from the satisfied "customers" on the other side of the bar desk.
And what gifts did I get? It is well know that I ONLY wish for luxury and unnecessarinesses, no practical gifts for me, please! :) I got a lot of great things from Elizabeth Ardens "Green Tea" serie, which I am crazy about, but I also got:
My sister has painted this wonderful paiting and I have begged her for years to paint one alike for me. And now I got the original! It hangs in my hall in which it matches perfectly. I am very happy for it.
I got this beautiful set from my siter and brother and their families. It is old and precisely as I like it. Now it decorates my dressing table instead of the old faded pink plastic set I had before.
This old locket has been my grandma's. She always wore it. Before her, my great grandmother , Emette, always wore it. Her name is engraved on one side. It is fantastic and I wear it often. I have glued a photo of Tim in it. My mother has found the rose ring in a vintage shop and has got it silver plaided. It is big and wonderful.
I got this beautiful dark red and garnet-like set from my friend Tove and her husband.
I got this fabolous pink pearl necklace from my parents in law - I had never dreamed of getting it. The pearls have a fantastic glare.
I got this his funny hand bag from my sister in law and her family. I love everything special so it is just perfect.