Costume Jewellery

I am crazy about costume jewellery, because I prefer to have many cheap things to choose from than a few fine jewellery.

Within the last few years I have fell totally in love with vintage costume jewellery and it has become a kind of hobby. I am especially crazy about lucite jewellery and charm bracelets from the fifties. The fifties has always been my favourite era. But I am crazy about everything old, because it has soul - new things never have. I love everything special and hate everything ordinary. As my mother in law says: she has an odd taste. But as my brother says: bad taste is also taste! :)

Here you can see my collection (click the thumbnails for larger photo). Jump directly to the categories:

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Charm bracelets

My absolute favourite charm bracelet, which my grandma started collecting to me and thereafter I continued to collect myself. It contains symbols of all that is important for me - my family and my interests. Read about each charm on this page I have dedicate especially to this bracelet.
I love ten commandment bracelets! :)
First a little golden charm bracelet. This bracelet started my collection, from Eclectica. Second an old bracelet signed Coro.
The third is a golden bracelet is with 10 of the 12 disciples, you got it as a prize for diligence in Sunday school in the fifties, from eBay.
A cute ladybug bracelet which I use all summer.
And a charm bracelet, this with a wine theme, both  from Eclectica.
The third has lots of small cars as charms, from eBay.

A perfume bottle charm bracelet, of course I have to own such a bracelet!
A charm bracelet with things from Paradise.
And a cute baby theme charm bracelet. Another view here.
All from Sweet Romance.
A gorgeous Christmas charm bracelet from Sweet Romance!
And a dream theme charm braclet. The letters between all the other small things read "DREAM". The other things represent a young woman's dreams.

I love Juicy Couture bracelets!
The charms are quite large, but the style is gorgeous. They are expensive but I have been lucky on eBay.

This is my first which I call "my hot cocoa bracelet". It is a winter bracelet with lots of winter charms, mine is silvertone. I love the mittens, the crystal snowman and the mug with hot cocoa in.

Three Juicy Couture bracelets in line:
The first and the second is loaded with feminine charms such as lingerie, diamond ring, shoes, hearts, etc.
The third is a Christmas bracelet from 2007 with a Scottie on a snowboard, a gingerbread man, a candy cane and a snowflake. All from eBay.
A Christmas bracelet that looks much like Juicy Couture.
And another girly Juicy-like bracelet with pink charms.
Two winter bracelets:
The first is Sterling silver with lots of winter sports charms, such as skis, snowboard, skiing boots, etc. I wore it at our skiing holiday.
The last one is signed Avon and has snowflakes, pearls and crystals. All from eBay.
Another Juicy Couture bracelet with shoe, purse, T-shirt and a heart, from eBay.
The second is a Valentine's bracelet from Eclectica.
The third is from Oriflame.
Three sweet golden bracelets.
The first with puffy hearst that makes a lot of jingly noise.
The other is made from vintage hearts which are all different.
The third is a music box in a simple chain. Dad cleaned it and now it plays nice, but I don't know the melody.
All from eBay.
Three Disney theme bracelets:
The first is with all the seven dwarfs.
The second and the third is med Donald Duck and his friends.
All from eBay.
Peter Pan bracelet, from eBay.
Four golden theme bracelets:
The first is a garden bracelet with garden tools and flowers.
The second has vintage cars as charms.
The third has telephones from all eras.
The fourth is with musical instruments.
All from eBay.
An Avon bracelet with a victorian theme: a lovely tiny chair, a bowl and pitcher set, a coffee grinder, etc., from eBay.
My favourite autumn bracelet - I love seasonal jewellery.
Another nice autumn bracelet with lots of acorns and golden leaves.
The third is a charm bracelet of small pieces of sprigs and six different kinds of leaves, så nice.
Both from eBay.
A Coro bracelet with lots of old-fashioned charms.
Another Coro bracelet with clear glass stones cut in different shapes.
All from eBay.
My Heinz and my my soda-bracelet.
All from eBay.
I simply had to buy this bracelet.
It is a tiny rose which opens to reveal Virgin Mary inside. So cute!
Three pink charm bracelets, a vintage and two new.
I simply had to own a Sex and the City before the première.
All from eBay.
A Phantom of the Opera bracelet, perfect for the teatre.
A shoe bracelet with lots of different shoes. I simply HAD to own it, I'm know for my shoe collection. Both from eBay.
Two nice and colourful heart bracelets, all from eBay.
Faberge egg bracelet, from eBay.
Fruit bracelet, from eBay.
Bracelet with a big red heart, from
Sushi bracelet, handmade from Etsy.
Flowers in a row, from eBay.
Lots of hearts, each with a different coloured rhinstone, from eBay.
Love, hope and faith bracelet, from Eclectica
Two great Summer bracelets:
An enamel bracelet with different beach and sea creatures, from eBay.
And a delicious ice cream bracelet, from Sweet Romance.
Three golden theme charm bracelets:
A beach theme, an Elvis theme and a beauty theme.
All three from eBay.
Another charm bracelet - a theme bracelet with teapot, cups, small spoons and hearts, really sweet.
And a flower-power-like one with purple stones and various doodahs.

Monet charms

The first bracelet from the The Crystal Violin that started it all. It was loaded with six sweet charms and I was sold, I simply had to find more of these lovely charms. Monet is from the fifties (my favourite era), it is not genuine silver and the charms are quite large, but many of them are mechanical (see below). I have found the two other bracelet cheap on eBay and taken off the charms. Monet charms are not exactly cheap.

I now have three Monet charm bracelets, one of them is very personal, i.e. the charms mean something to me. The two others are just ... charming.

I'm too lazy to take photos of all my charms myself, so these photos are some I've found on the internet, mostly eBay, when I'm on the lookout for new charms. But my charms are exactly alike except that all mine are silver tone.

A tiny house that opens to reveal a double bed with to heart shaped pillows - very romantic.

And a baby carriage on which the hood can move and the wheels turn, very cute.

A love letter which you can pull out of the envelope and read.
A cute pussycat.
And a turtle who can rock his head.
A piano that opens.
A lovely litte Christmas tree with coloured rhinestones.
And a pair of skis.
  A tiny Stanhope church. A Stanhope is a microscopic photo you can see through a tiny viewer, see the second photo for an example. While you look through the viewer (or peephole) you can read The Lord's Prayer.
My camera on my first bracelet also has a Stanhope in which you see the American flag.
A typewriter that clicks when you press the keyboard down.
And my Zodiac sign.
A treasure chest that opens. Who doesn't dream of being rich!? I have put some coloured rhinestones into the chest.
An artist's palette - I consider myself creative.
A tiny photo frame in which I have put a photo of Tim and Max - it is really lovely.
And a little church where the newly weds can go out of the door.
A bible, not that I am especially believing, but I thought it was very lovely. It opens and you can read The Lord's Prayer.

And a perfume bottle where the lid unscrews and you might have a few drops of perfume in it.

A birthday present in which an orchid reveals when you open it.

And a wishing well where the bucket goes up and down when turning the handle on the side.

A nice car where the wheels turn. It might be the Morgan I wish for. It has red rhinestones as rear lights and white as front lights. My little scooter on my first bracelet has too.
A bird's cage with a turquoise bird inside on a swing - and it really swings.
A phone with rhinestones.
  A bell - bells are said to chase evil spirits away - very practical.
And a flower with a mustard seed in, read about mustard seeds here.
And an old fashioned cuckoo clock where the bird comes out when you pull the cones below it.
An Easter rabbit with a belly of semiprecious stone.
A snowman with a white belly.
A happy man with a movable head, if you pull his head you can read "SMILE".
And a shovel for the one you "dig most".

A nice little suitcase which opens and inside there is a mirror.
A lovely Santa Claus. If you pull the bell under his beard you can read "Have a Merry".
And a tiny scooter with turning wheels and it has a white rhinestone i the headlight and a red in the rearlight.
A lovely fairy tale coach.
A mouse on a cheese.
A mailbox that opens.
And a hourglass with sand that moves.
These three charms are not Monet, but I thought they fit into the style, so they were included in the collection.
A pink rhinestone heart - I had to have that!
A double Christmas charm - I am Christmas crazy as you might know.
And a snowflake with a blue rhinestone in the middle - I love snow and snowflakes.

My Travel Bracelet

I have loved the small travel shield charms since I was a little girl and started collecting them when I was about 20 years old and started travelling with Max. But I only had five charms since I could never find them anywhere. Some time ago I found them by chance and tried looking for them at eBay and BINGO! There they were, so now I almost have all the travel shield charms I wished for. I only miss a few from Austria and Italy, so I am always on the look for these charming charms. I have to take a photo of my bracelet with the charms attached soonest.
Danish travel shield charms - I had to have them too:
A nice little map of Denmark, Copenhagen, Tivoli (our famous amusement park) and Langelinie (our famous mermaid) - the essence of Denmark.
I found Hammerhus in the USA, funny to find a Danish Charm so far away.

German travel shield charms:
The German flag with a coat-of-arms, VW Wolfsburg (the Volkswagen factory we visited in the summer of 2007), Hellbrünn (which I have visited 20 years ago and in the summer of 2007 too), Innsbrück (we have visited this city several times), and Lübeck (which we also have visited several times).
Phantasialand is a huge amusement park in Germany, we visited in 1984.
We visited Nideggen in the 80's, I don't remember precisely.
We visited the Kölnerdommen in 1984.
Fehmarn bro - we always drive over this bridge to come to Germany.
Rosenheim - we have slept here on many holiday tours.
Berlin - we visited Berlin in December 2010.

Austrian travel shield charms:
The Austrian coat-of-arms, Salzburg (which we visited in the summer of 2007) and of course we also visited the Museum of Mozart.
We visited Burg Hohenwerfen, where a famous vintage movie was sho, in the Summer of 2007.
St. Johan i Tyrol is a very beautiful city, we have spend our skiing holidays here, latest in 2008.
We visited Wagrain at our Summer holiday in 2007.
We visited Kitzbühel in February 2008.
Brenner passet har vi kørt igennem mange gange på vores ferieture.
Abtenau var vi på skiferie i 1996.
Italian travel shield charms:
The Italian flag and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which we visited in the summer of 2006.
We have visited Venice a lot of times.
Lido de Jesolo, opposite Venice, we have camped here many years at a luxury camping place.
Siena - we visited Siena in 2005.
Spanish travel shield charms:
Spain. I visited Spain when I was 9 years old with my grandparents, where we lived in a luxury hotel in Torremolinos.

American travel shield charms:
We visited Florida in February 2012.
We visited Disneyland, Universal Studios and the largest Hard Rock Cafe in the world.

From Orlando we drove to Fort Lauderdale, from there to Key West and then back to Miami, from where we flew home.
Travel shield charms from other countries I have visited:
The Netherlands (which I have visited several times as a child with my parents and a few times with Max as a grown up).
(I have visited Sweden several times with my granny who bought sugar, coffee and cigarattes and I have been there as exchange student in 7th grade).
My fairytale bracelet with the same shields as the travel shields:
Here are Cinderella, Puss in Boots, Hans and Gretchel and the Merry Musicians.

Here are the Bewitched Prince, Numskull Jack, Mother Hulda (who makes the snow in Norway) and the Sleeping Beauty.

Here are The Wolf and the Seven Kids, Snow White and I don't know the last one, any suggestions?

I apologize if I haven't translated the fairytales correct.

Other bracelets

A lovely Summer bracelet with embedded starfish and tiny seahorses, from the fifties and from eBay.
And a wonderful and big Liz Claiborne pearl bracelet.
Both from Eclectica.
And a pink stretch bracelet from the fifties, from eBay.
A huge, lovely and colourful golden bangle from the eighties. Second a lovely lucite confetti set from the fifties. And last a very feminine pastel bracelet.
Everyting from Eclectica.
A nice and feminine bracelet, inspired of the embroideries, Petit Point, from Sweet Romance.
  A Sweet heart bracelet with clear rhinestones, from Sweet Romance.
A pink and summery glassworks bracelet.
And a bracelet made of lots of different white flowers.
Both from eBay.
A pig bracelet - it dosn't get better than this! ;)
From eBay.
A candy bracelet a woman makes herself and sells on eBay. I could not resist it. It has Valentine sugar hearts embedded in lucite. I also bought matching earrings.
Cancer charity bracelet from Kræftens Bekæmpelse. The red heart is love, the black one is cancer, all the other colours symbolizes that cancer can hit all of us.
Great clear lucite bangle with big rhinestones. Matches my clear lucite purses and shoes perfectly.
The second is a clear one from the fifties.
And the third is a lucite bangle with carved flowers.
All from eBay.
Two great lucite bangles with real bugs. Max hates them! ;) But everything should not be nice and cute. I also have a matching ring, se below.
Both from Necromance.
Two lucite bangles from the seventies I think.
An old carved bone bangle from my beloved grandma and a real ivory bangle.
And an elastic bracelet made og horn and bone from the eighties - I stille love it.
Two mother of pearl bangles, a stribed and a chess patterned. I love chess pattern, so I simply had to own this one.
And a wood and brass bangle from the eighties, which I still use sometimes. It has to be polished, ough.
A nice pink plastic bracelet and a large raw amber bracelet.
A silver snake bracelet from the eithties - my own design.
And a bracelet made of old Russian coins. My father gave it to me and I have renovated it. It has been my grandmother's.
A rose and lavender coloured bracelet with photos of cats - very funny.
And a blue Gothic style bracelet.
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