The Vintage Vehicles of My Family

We are all fan of vintage vehicles, here you can see them all.
See much more in the Concour de Charme 2002 and 2003 competitions.

Klik på lille billede for forstørrelse, billedet åbner i nyt vindue.

Tim has his own vintage Ford T pedalcar. Dad found it at a breaker and Max renovated it. He won third prize in the  Concour de Charme competition in 2003. In the middle photo he drives up to the judges, the photo is taken by a press photographer.
My own vintage car, an Opel GT 1900 from 1971, see much more here.
Seen from the front with the headlights down and up, and from the rear end, nice butt!
Seen from the side, slanting from the front and slanting from the rear end. He looks nice from all angles.
A nice photo Joan from the Opel GT klubben has shot.
My brother has a Morris Minor 1000 from 1959, which he has rebuilt with our dad, when he was about 20 years old. He drives it daily and now it needs a new renovation, but it is still nice and very cute.
Dad is a vintage-vehicle-nerd, so before I present his vehicles, I want to show you his garage in which the wizard carries on his magic. The first photo shows their house with their daily cars (and my dull Winter car) outside. Dad at his work bench and a lot of glasses filled with doodahs, the row of glasses can turn.
More shelves and small drawers filled with doodah. And one end of the garage.
Dad's plate smith tools and his lathe. If you have very old vehicles, it is impossible to buy spareparts and you have to own a lathe to be able to make the parts yourself. The vintage phone is used to call mum for a cup of coffee or for help when e.g. airing brakes.
Dad has several garages, barns and even a huge tent to store all his curiosities in. If he collects!? Nooo, not much! ;) At the last photo is seen the car mum should have had, a Fiat 500 Topolino from 1937, but until now it has taken dad about 40 years to renovate it.
Dad's many prizes, the Harley almost always gets a prize, and if not, dad gets dissappointed.
Dad's collection of mini-cars, alle cars/motorcycles he either owns or has owned. My brother has made the "Viggofon".
Let's start with mum's car: a very rare Fiat 508C Balila fra 1939, named Frederik. His name is on his rear end. Mum drives him daily, also when she worked as a domestic helper. No, there is no doorpost in the middle, the doors are called a "mother in law" doors. The cover on the back seat is the dogs.
Inside Frederik. Mum and I in front of the judges at the Concour de Charme competition, dressed as elegant ladies from 1939. The last photo is taken by a press photographer.
Dad's daily car: a Chevrolet Stepside truck from 1940.
The "wooden" dashboard is painted.
He has built a very nice camper he can put on top of the truck. Here vi are at an exhibition of vintage cars eating breakfast.
You also sleep well in it. :)
Every home needs a vintage tractor!
Dad's lates project: a Messerschmidt from the mid fifties. It is in fact a famous moviestar since it has belonged to Nordisk Film. At the last photo is the keyring with the names of the movie it starred in.
And here is the finished result, so nice, I fully understand dad is proud. It is like a magnet to people everywhere. At the last photo you can see it inside. There is room for two, not too big, people.
And here you can see the "lawn mower engine" with the water can exhaustion and the nice logo at the front and the sticker dad has got for its side
Lastest purchase for the collection: an MG TF from 1955. A rare 1500 ccm in a pretty good condition and which he will drive the coming Summer.
Dad's dream was an Indian Big Chief from 1947, so he drove with my sister's husband to Munich and bought this one. His number plate is his soldier number, normally you cannot order a specific number, but dad knows everybody.
My brother has made the saddle bags and the saddle and has carved a tomahawk and an indian chief in the leather. The headlamp is shaped as the head of an indian chief too.
There are lots of indians on this machine, here on the front mudguard, the handlebars and the gear shifting lever.
The needle in the speedometer is an arrow and there's also an arrow abreast of the engine.
Dad's very old Harley-Davidson. It is a jubilee model from 1925 and VERY rare! He has been told that there are only max. 10 of them left in the whole world! Dad has won in the Concour de Charme competition.
Here he is in the prize line and in the next photo he gets his prize.
Details from the Harley. I love nice vintage mechanism. Dad is only the second owner of this very old Harley.
  My brother has a vintage Morris Minor from the late fifties, but I'll have to take som photos to share with you.
My sister doesn't have any vintage cars, but several off road motorcycles.