Here are most of my favourite links. You'll find both Danish and foreign links. All new links are green.
I have divided the links into several categories and made a short description of each link.

I have deleted all Danish links since I don't think they are that interesting for my foreign readers.

Female Bomshell Clothes Jewellery
Cosmetic IT-links I collect ... Family and friends
Daily life Useful Skiing Art
We LOVE Vintage Shopping Browsers Blogs I read
Networks   I LOVE Christmas! Fun


Museum of Menstruation Funny and informative.
The Bombshell Manual of Style Finally, I know what I am - a Bombshell! Here you'll find all the classic bombshells. My all-time favourite bombshell - the most beautiful woman of the world.
Marilyn and the Camera Another great Marilyn Monroe website.
Dita Von Teese Dita von Teese - she has the right bombshell style.
Madonna I am a great admirer of Madonna - she is very intelligent and talented.
Agent Provocateur A bombshell needs the right lingerie - find it at AP.
What Katie Did What Katie Did makes lovely retro lingerie.
Stockings HQ A bombshell wears stockings - here is a lot to choose from.
The Pinup Files Gil Elvgren is my favourite pinup artist.
H&M Hennes & Maurits.
Jewellery: and You can buy everything on eBay! I buy a.o. jewellery, shoes, purses and even cycling jerseys for Max.
Eclectica My penpal in Florida sells beautiful vintage jewellery.
Ruby Lane Ruby Lane sells fine vintage jewellery and many other things.
Sweet Romance Sweet Romance sells beautiful old-fashioned jewellery.
Vintage Shopping: and You can buy everything on eBay - new and vintage.
Ruby Lane American vintage site.
Etsy Homemade and vintage things.
Tias American vintage site.
Passion for Perfume Passion for Perfume sells perfume bottles, which I collect.
Look Fantastic Great shop with everything for skin, hair and body.
Margarita Bloom Margarita Bloom is lovely bath products and a cosy blog.
TransDesign Her køber jeg testplader til neglelak.
Beauty4Nails Her køber jeg neglelak og andet grej.
BeautyBay Ditto her.
I collect:
Swarovski Swarovski crystal figurines.
Dillard General Store Small shoes made of resin.
Passion for Perfume I have collected perfume bottles since I was about 6 years old and now I have more than 800 different.
Family and friends:
Greens Corner Sister's gallery page.
Dauw Jesper Dauw's home page.
Cloos Karin is a good friend of mine.
Daily life:
Atea My job.
SMC-biler Max' job.
Gutenberg Project and Free eBooks Free e-books.
Saalbach Saalbach-Hintergleem is the favourite skiing city.
St. Johann St. Johan in Tyrol - one of our favourite skiing locations.
BttF Back to the Future. Tim and I have seen it several times.
Indiana Jones Indiana Jones, the hero of all heroes.
Fifties Web I love the fifties!
Amazon UK I love English books.
Axfords UK Max and I are crazy about old-fashioned corsets. It is the most feminine clothing ever and you instantly get a great figure.
I have a black corset from Axfords.
Vollers Corset uk And I have a pink corset from Vollers.
Sylphide Nice and serious site with lots of info and some photos.
Gooogle Analytics DK Google Analytic is a great counter and analyzer for websites.
My IP Get your pc's IP address.
Tucows Tucows - great download site.
Buttonland Lots of buttons for web use.
TechEncyclopedia IT dictionary.
TechFileFormat Almost every file format in the world! Hard to avoid!
Bootdisk Make boot disks online.
AVG Free antivirus, works excellent.
Google DK - my favourite Danish browser
Metacrawler US
Megacrawler US
All the Web US
Blogs I read:
My blogroll Here is a list of the blogs I read.
Facebook Facebook, here I have my friends.
Linkedin LinkedIn is for professional use.
Plaxo Plaxo - the greatest address book of the world.
Pinterest Pinterest is virtual boards - I love it.
Flickr I upload all my photos to Flickr, so I always have a backup.
PayPal The most secure payment method in the world.
85b Dress and bra size converters.
eBay Sizing eBay's size converter.
I LOVE Christmas:
Santa Claus Of course he exists - Santa Claus' home page!
People of Walmart Great looking folks shopping in the US!
Great Story from Canal Plus A really good story. Beware what you write at Facebook.
Biertijd A very skilled handyman. The talented Mr. Fartman! I love his laughter. Great PhotoShopping. Sleepwalking dog!
Titlevision English translation mistakes.
Worst of the Web I don't hope my page ends here! :) These guys are the greatest - Boys on Wheels. Nice mix of violence and accidents. Skater dog!
Dark Roasted Blend Inspiration for rebuilding your VW beetle. Print, cut and glue toys - great for a rainy day.
Geo Greeting Send a geographic greeting - buildings from all over the world form the letters. These guys have too much time, but well done.
Cats That Look Like Hitler Kitlers - cats that look like Hitler! Why not?!
Worth 1000 PC-games that were never made!
Chezmaya Dancing skeleton - draw the strings and play with the menu.
Pixyland Do you remember Peter Pan? Check out this crazy guy's disguises. What date and time is it?
Word Perhect WordPerhect!
BembosZoo Great flash for children - like me!