About SaMaTi

Here you can read about us and see pictures if you like.

Sanne - I'm the WebMaster, what's more to tell? Besides I'm the photographer, so it's almost impossible to find photos of myself! ;)
I am a qualified Bilingual Commercial Correspondent, but works as License Specialist.
I am creative and a collector. Collects perfume bottles (have collected since I was 6 years old and now I have approx. 900!), Swarovski crystal figurines, Just the Right Shoe, gem stones, fossils and shells. My husband would like to add: shoes, handbags, makeup, jewellery and nail polish, but he is not the speaker here!  :)
When I have some spare time, I draw and paint, cut and glue, make websites and perhaps even my sewing machine comes out of the dust. I also forge jewellery and make chains of rings, cast candles and make flower decorations and I predict with tarot cards for fun.

I love: luxury, decorating, cosiness, order, ice creams, cream puffs, my husband and my son, my home, my garden, my vintage car, my friends and my family!
I hate: split peas, spiders, pettiness, lies and injustice!

Max is my husband. He is qualified motor mechanic, VW, but is also a miracle smith!
He is a skilful artisan and has worked hard to restore our lovely old house, both outside and inside, from the basement to the roof.
Besides this he is an old sports fanatic:
Has played ice hockey since he was a little boy and has several times played in the elite (HIK, now ICG). He ski and he has been sailing X79 Danish Championship for many years and they also won first prize once (Styx, 1994), he windsurf when he has the time and the wind is blowing. Sometimes he goes hunting with my dad - we're happy we don't have to survive from what they bring home! :) His latest craze is bicycling.

Max loves: sport, food and his son - and his wife, hopefully! ;)
Max hates: hysterical women! :)

Tim is a charming teenage boy aged almost 18. He loves girls, his friends, Facebook, skiing holidays, music, drumming, and parties!

Earlier he was crazy about drumming and JuJutsu and has won 1 gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze medals. He loved to run on ice and rollerskates, ski and skateboard. He had his own tree house and his own vintage car. The tree house was later turned into a teenage cabin with lots of pillows and candles. He has painted a lot of WarHammer figurines, which he has been collecting since he was only six years old. He loved cars and opened his own carwash to earn some extra money.
Tim was/is very creative: draws a lot, cuts, glues and paints and invents - he has unlimited quantities of fantasy!

Tim loves: GIRLS, his friends, holidays, skiing, skateboarding, skating, playing computer games (X-box Classic and 360), watch movies and parties.
Tim hates:  tidying up his room!

See Tim's Christmas cards motifs and Shrovetide costumes!