Marzipan Cake

Here is the recipe for my famous and very slimming marzipan cake. It is very easy to make and tastes lovely, the only disadvantage is that it is quite expensive in the summertime when it is hard to get marzipan. So remember to freeze some during wintertime, then you only have to buy marzipan for the decorations.

See photos of how I have decorated the cake (click thumbnails for larger photo):

Our own wedding cake. Dad made the form.
Karin and Michael's wedding cakes. My greatest project until now. I made four hearts in total. Max has made the fine heartshaped dishes.
The sweet cake I made for Claus og Tine's little new daughter, Laura. Perhaps I'm also going to make wedding cakes for them, if Claus can pull himself together to propose. :)
Plaited Christmas heart for my birthday.
Tim's Christening. Decorated with toys, a pacifier and a tiny Volkswagen beetle.
The ladybug cake. It won the cake competition in Tim's kindergarten - great honour!
A rabbit in the middle with carrots around. There is even a tiny worm in one of the carrots.
Here is a poor photo of my famous cocoa mice with a Christmas tree in the middle.
Here it is with the cocoa mice and a cheese in the middle.
I baked a GT-cake for the painters for painting my lovely GT.
It was more difficult to form a GT of marzipan than I thought, but the logo is perfect - says "GThanks".