Copper Wedding

We said yes to each other on the 24 August 1991, therefore we had copper wedding on the 24 February 2004. In Denmark we celebrate copper wedding which is 12 years - a half silver wedding.

As we just had held a big birthday party for me in November and as we thought copper wedding is a bit foolish, we wanted to celebrate it in a casual and untraditional way. Later we will treat ourselves to a Oslo Cruise or the like.

We had brunch with everything you can think of - from bacon, eggs, sausages, pancakes, fresh fruit, champagne, muffins, etc. No one left hungry and everybody had a cosy time.

On the invitation we had requested no gifts or flowers, but we got a lot of lovely and inventive things anyway. E.g. a gift voucher for the forest nursery, flowers, wine, money, a gift voucher to our favourite restaurant, a dinner invitation put into verse, a painting and tickets for a kinky club! :)

See photos from the day if you like (click thumbnails for larger photo):

The invitation was also a bit untraditional. I thought the snakes forming a heart suited our relationship very well. :)
My mother and I baked about a thousand pancakes in the kitchen.
Max had an old cooker in his garage on which he also baked a lot of pancakes.
The nice tables. We had laid tables all over the house, because we did not know how many people would visit us. Max counted 72 visitors during the day, fortunately they did not show up at the same time.
The brunch buffet with everything a hungry heart could desire.
The guests are arriving.
My daddy held a speech to us. I had teased him that he owed us a speech, as he held a speech for both my brother and sister at their respective weedings, but not for us at our wedding. It was very nice!
The happy copper couple! ;)
My family had made the lovely half triumphal arch. It really was a surprise and we were very happy they did.