Opel GT

Some technical information:
  The GT was produced from 1968-73. In total 103.000+ were produced.
  1.9 l centre engine (very small car with very large engine!)
  90 hp (pretty much, considering the age of the car)
  4 cylindres
  185 km/h (Max has driven 170 km/h, I have “only” driven 160 km/h)
  0-100 in 11,5 seconds (remember it’s a vintage car)
  50 litres tank (it runs approx. 10-11 km/l, not bad)
  Length: 4.113 m
  Width: 1.58 m
  Height: 1.225 m (floor-to-ceiling height: 89.7 cm, it is a car you dress in)
  Weight: 925 kg
  Wheels: 165x13X8"

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Carwash and other pics
Bridal transport
American cars

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It does not run on modern petrol, needs additives.
It is very hard, almost impossible, to find spare parts.
It needs both a mechanic and a plate smith.
It has the smallest trunk in the world.
An almost non-existing glove compartment, but with built-in panic-handle.
I am often photographed with cell phones, so I have to take care that hair and lipstick is always OK.
No problems in the traffic, I never wait to be let out at a byroad.
I only meet happy people.
I get into talk with everybody.
Boys and grown up men exclaim spontaniously: ”Cool car”.
Envious people. I often hear phrases like ”German Corvette” and ”Discount Corvette”, but the GT came first.
It is ideal for the drive in cinema. The three of us sit better than in any other car and normally Tim is free, because it is a two-person car and they don’t notice him in the back. We get into talk with lots of admiring people at the cinema.
Who other than Buick could launch it!?

The GT logo.

Even Batman has one – then it has to be tough! :)

An x-ray of a GT.
And a nice drawing.
When you see it wink, you love it!
Opel GT was the first car with this kind of reversing headlights and was the only one until the 90’s in which Jaguar finally made one with similar headlights, but electrically operated.
  View my original brochures from the launch in 68. Click one of the brochures to come to a new site with scans of all the pages.
Unfortunately, there are holes in the brochures, but they were the last ones in stock, so I got to own them! :)
July 2005: I have surfed the internet for about a year to check prices and condition. I found mine at dba.dk. It was posted for sale for DKK 60,000, we got it for DKK 50,000, as seen in the picture. This is the way my dad has money in his pocket. :)
I bought it on Friday 8 July 2005, and Saturday morning Tim couldn’t wait for washing it.
Another advantage! Buy a car your kids want to wash.
The GT looks like a happy frog when the headlights are up.
We washed, vacuum-cleaned and waxed it and then I drove it all Summer 2005. I may not drive during Winter (Max’ decision), so right before the salt trucks get ready, it is driven into the garage.
Aug. 2005: Here is the happy owner!
It is a dream come true. You should try it! :)
Aug. 2005: Here you see the inside.
Notice the angled instruments.
The GT has ”semi-racing seats”.
The joystick and the almost non-existing glove compartment with built-in panic-handle.
The smallest boot in the world, but with luggage-stopper.
You have to add lead-additive to the petrol.
I have bought the original petrol cap. 
Sept. 2005: Tiny Honk has already driven a newly wed couple.
Our neighbours were married at the town hall and afterwards we changed cars.
As Niels said: No problems looking over the other cars, in this car you just look under!
The third picture is taken from their car.
The same evening we attended a rock’n’roll concert with lots of motorcycles and American cars. Here is Tiny Honk beside an American car.
It seems like you may take the GT and put him into the trunk of the other car. :)
Next Sunday we continued to a spare part market. Parking is free if you drive an old or special car. Another advantage! They make an outdoor exhibition at the parking place.
Here is the Corvette that looks much similar to the GT, but the GT came first!
Nov. 2005: Max surprised me with an ”end of the season party” in the garage. So fabulous! Vivaldi on the stereo, wine, cheese and delicious fruit.
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