My Winter car - Polo Coupe

Tiny Honk does not drive during winter as the salt quickly would kill him, and I hope to have him for many years. So dear husband had to find me a winter car. He bought a cheap Polo Coupe from 1991. It looked healthy, but we would get wiser, hmm. Of course it became a project too. Son has styled and designed the look. He was very sorry we could afford all his great ideas, but a frontspoiler, side expansion sets, a quite large "ice" stereo and pink ornamentings were all must haves. See the project below.

Klik på lille billede for forstørrelse, billedet åbner i nyt vindue.

Rust around the petrol cap, but fortunately it is possible to buy new plate spareparts although it's not a new car.
The mudguards were not too pretty either. Max repaired it without buying new spareparts.
I think there is a little plate smith hidden in him too.
  The lower part of the doors also needed a replacement.
Another rotten door - I think we've seen something like that before.
Diverse rust and holes.
New spareparts for the bottom.
Everything including the bottom was checked.
Almost done! It took approx. 2 months from the beginning to the end. Max could only work on the car in the evenings and in the weekends.
I know I'm very privileged!
Frontspoiler and the side expansion sets are fitted before it goes to the painter. Tim has co-worked on the project from start till the end.
Home again from the painter, the pink ornamentings are mounted. Max does not agree, but son and I think they are funny. It does not have to be too serious.
The final result - it is a really fine little winter car.
Mum's "ice" (stereo).
Tim has decorated the inside of the car with pink panters, a pink cap and other pink things. The plush ghettoblaster pillow can really play.
This is how my nice little Polo looked after I had lend it to my boss. :( Totally wrecked! It was dented all over.
Take a piece of advice: Don't lend out something you like. I ended being fired due to this! :( Max has found me another Polo, not as nice as this one, but it runs fine and I have found a new job.
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