Opel GT

The slogan that launched the Opel GT. I totally agree!

I have been crazy about the Opel GT since I was about 15 years old, so it became a vintage car before I bought it. I was near a divorce too – Max hates repairing old cars! This has completely changed since. I knew the cute little car would charm him, so now it is a conclusive member of the family. I had saved about DKK 10,000, my sweet dad lend me the rest. He said I should have the car before I got a wheelchair. My GT, called “Tiny Honk” (see measurements below), is from 1971, so it has just become a vintage car according to Danish norms, making the running costs quite low.

This is a wifey-car of my taste! :)


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Restoration week 2-8, 2006

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  Restoration week 16-20, 2006
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a Polo Coupe