Pan is my little cottage situated on the isle of Moen.
Pan is a tiny wood house (made of mahogany) only 37 m2 and the property is 286 m2. Pan is built very close to the best beach of Moen and you can walk to the wood and the moor - and the isle of Nyord, if you like a longer walk. Nyord is a small preserved island.

Here is a nice air photo my sister has taken from the roof of her house.

In 2008 we bought an old, rotten RV since Pan is so little. We renovated it and now it is combined room for Tim and guest house. 

See the renovation project here.

Pan has a story, you can see before and after photos and take a tour in the house at the bottom of this page.

My grandparents have driven to the isle of Moen as youngsters and lived in a tent. They cycled all the way with my newborn dad in a trailer, they bathed in the sea and filled the tent with hay on which they slept.

In approx. 1959 the first properties were rented in the City of Ulfshale. My dad, who was 15 years old, persuaded his parents to rent two small properties beside eachother. In 1967 it was possible to buy the properties. My dad bought his tiny property for his confirmation money. On each property a small wood house were built, named Puk and Pan (the famous wood trolls), with a much smaller house in the middle of the properties - a socalled loo. At that time electricity, running water and sewerage was not common. My dad got large mahogany boxes from a snuff factory - it had to be cheap to built the houses. So I am the lucky owner of such a rare thing as a house built in mahogany!

In approx. 1968 sewerage and running water came to and later on electricity - great luxury! In 1972 my grandpa built a angle around the house, so the dining room got longer, a small bedroom, an entrance and a large bathroom came to. A w.c. and a bath tub was quite a sensation those days!

Since I was a little girl (as long as I can remember, in fact!) I have always been told that one day Pan should be mine. When my beloved grandma died as the last, my dad had taken over the house. Then one day my dad said he had something important to tell me. I got very nervous, because he would not say anything. When he came he asked if I was interested in Pan? Eeh, what did he mean? Because now I had both house and a large garden to take care of. Then he said he had planned to give it to me!!! I was totally confused and did not know what to say. Dad said I could say thank you. It is the greatest gift I have ever got!!! I am sure it is my grandparents who had given him the idea. He said that he wanted to keep the small houses in the family, so my sister has got his house, which is right beside Pan. Now we have planted a hedge between the properties, but with a garden gate, because we have been used to run forth and back from both houses since we were children.

During Easter 2000 we painted the walls, the ceilings, door frames, windows and doors - and a dresser. It is really amazing what paint, new curtains and new lamps can do!  :)

Here you can see photos of how the house looked, when I took over - that is before we grabbed the paint brushes.

Here you can "take a tour" in the house by clicking the photo angles: