Garden Tour July 2003

Take a Garden Tour in July. I have inserted some extra photos to show how some trees and bushes look in bloom. See more flower photos on my Download site which I update often.

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We start at our entrance gate.
This is how our house looks seen from the street. The huge bush in the middle is a jasmine, unfortunately without the lovely smell.
Our entrance bed which we try to transform into a wood-like bed. Here are large stones, fern and the like.
Our front door with my beautiful clematis.
Visit my Download site for downloading a Tile wallpaper for your desktop.
We start the tour in the front garden. In the first bed at left are yellow flags (a kind of iris), orange mombresia (I don't know the translation of this flower), then two lilac bushes - a white and a dark purple. One day they will grow into one bicoloured top - they smell so lovely. After the lilacs are orange lilies, more yellow flags and in the corner are roses of different shades of pink.
On the long side towards the street are sveral dark pink peonies, marguerites and leopard's-bane. In front of the huge jasmine are dark purple tulips in Spring. See the jasmine flowers on my Download site.
After the jasmine are yellow loosestrife which takes over the garden if allowed. A lovely and very curly troll hazel, more orange lilies, pink carnations, dark purple iris, forget-me-nots and in the corner a forsythier.
A few years ago we dug up this long side and sorted out all ground elder roots. Quite a job but it is great now. I suppose the evil himself evented ground elder in a fit of anger. There are lots of flowers in this bed: bright red poppy, dark purple iris, yellow lilies, yellow globe-flower, huge harvest anemone (direct translation, I don't know the correct translation), Solomon's seal - just to mention some.
Our house seen from the street site with the "morning terrace" at left.
Small pink roses lean against the fence of the morning terrace.
The third  photo shows how cosy breakfast can be if the weather allows.
We continue our tour round the house.
At left is my huge Japanese flowering cherry tree. I have added some photos to show how it looks when it is in bloom - it is a wonderful sight!
Right after the cherry tree is a tall herb, colloquially potherbs. Then there is a thorn free blackberry bush and raspberry bushes. Behind these are blue berry bushes and my rhubarb "field". Tim and Max loves stewed rhubarb.
Against the wall grows a large holly - I love holly and use it frequently for Christmas decorations. Under the bathroom window grow red and white roses, it looks very patriotic during summer. Beside the roses grows elephant grass - it is really amazing how fast it grows!
Our afternoon terrace - here is sun from lunch till sunset.
Nice blue pots with lots of impatiens and a pink rose.
A closer look at the pink rose and one of the wall pots with fuchsia - we have different flowers in these pots each year.
My tiny glass house in which I grow tomatoes and cucumber and lots of different herbs growing against it.
More herbs in pots - I am crazy about herbs!
Tim's vintage car "Trille" and my old tortoise, Tobias.
We also have a pool, 5,500 litres, which takes a day to fill, but it is a great success during Summer. Here Tim and one of his friends plays in it.

In the Summer 2009 I bought a spa and it was a really good investment, which most of Tim's friends also think. :)

Summer is not only play, but also hard work:
Tim mowes the lawn with our garden-Harley.
Max cuts our five kilometre long thorn hedge.
The firewood is going to be sawed up and chopped, before it is stacked in the wood house. We get warm many times during the process, but it is nice during Winter.
Balloons over our garden. There are more photos at the Download page.

Our favourite dinner during Summer is barbeque made on our favourite grill, Weber.
The back garden seen from the afternoon terrace, At right is the "wood" in which Tim has his tree house and his live role play environment, see live role play photos here. At left is the old apple tree and two curved beds. The left bed with rhododendrons (see below) and the right with a lovely purple butterfly plant, a yew tree which we consider cutting down, and two pink blooming ball-like bushes at each side. The juniper died last winter.
The butterfly plant with its lovely flowers. The left photo shows a butterfly on one of the flowers. This is a jolly place when in bloom.
Our patriotic rhododendron bed in bloom.
Behind the bed and on the third photo is our old apple tree in bloom. Se more flower photos on the Download site.
At the long side of the back garden we only have a magnolia which we planted in the Autumn of 96, so it is already quite large. The left photo shows it in bloom.
A closer look of the beautyful magnolia flowers.
At the corner of the back garden under the huge hazel bush - we don't ever get a single nut, but the garden is full of happy squirrels! - we have my old garden swing. We spend a lot of time here drinking tea and having a cosy time. It is also a great place when taking a nap! :)
The view from the swing - here we can see our "manor".
The back of the "wood" where I have my wash tree and Tim has his tree house, his building projects and his live role play environment.
The last garden photo is my old pet Tobias, an elderly tortoise gentleman. He is about 75 years old. His shield is piercet so he may walk "freely" around in the garden as he likes. When going to sleep he digs a hole like in this photo.