I adore purses!!! I love to have a lot to choose from to match my outfit or the occasion.
I also love special purses, I hate everything that is ordinary – and I also hate everything that is dull.
I love vintage clear lucite purses from the fifties that matches my lucite shoes.
Here you can see some of my purse collection if you like

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Two small lucite clutches from the fifties, both with rhinestones.
Two larger clear lucite purses from the fifties, but without rhinestones.
The first has embedded silver glitter, the other has geometrical carvings.
My favourite lucite purse – very clear and with two double rows of rhinestones. From the fifties – with and without scarf. The scarf is a great idea, it hides the mess in the purse and you can match your outfit.

The cream-coloured lucite purse is alike but without rhinestones.

The clear purses opens up for new buying possibilities – nice things to be seen in the clear purse. The first photo shows a confetti lucite compact and a matching pillbox. The folding comb is also vintage. Everything is from the fifties.

The second photo shows a modern glitter lipstick case, a nice vintage pearl covered lipstick case and a smart lipstick shaped pillbox with lots of red rhinestones.

  Two lovely vintage carry-alls from the fifties.
The first with embedded pink mother of pearl and the second with black lace embedded in lucite. The inventor of this tiny purse has incorporated everything a woman needs when going out: lipstick, powder, comb, mirror and space for cigarettes (I have my Visa in this room). They are great conversation pieces.
My strangest purse – made of old VolksWagen rear lights!
It wasn’t an easy job persuading Max to make it for me, but afterwards he thought it was funny because of all the attention it always draws. I have put a red bicycle lamp in it, so it also lights up.

And a Christmas purse – I had to own it! I LOVE Christmas!
A nice corsage I got for my forties birthday.

And my everyday purse through three Summers. Max got it as a free gift when he bought two Curious (Britney Spears) perfume products as a gift for me.

Two everyday purses for Winter use:
A really nice leather purse with metal letters spelling “Green” – the letters are taken from another cheap purse.

And a funny sixties-like purse that holds exactly what I need.


Three black and white purses.
The second is a gift from my sister.
The third looks like a big bottle of
Chanel No. 5.
A nice and colourful vintage sixties purse with umbrella-holder at the side.

And a Mickey Mouse purse, which I think is a lunchbox, but I am not sure. My brother gave it to me since I love good old Mickey.
How often have you needed two litres of hot pink paint? The funny tube is bought at a market in Italy.

The pearly pink purse that looks like Easter egg wrapping is also a nice everyday purse for Summer wear.

Jesper and Rasmus gave me the pink Oilily poodle purse for my birthday.

A tiny pink kiss – a party purse from Friis & Co.
And a nice pink mother of pearl purse with handles made of horn.
Funny Coca-Cola purse made in Africa of used coke bottles. Max hates it.
My red wedding purse.
And an old favourite from the fifties.
All three are small party purses.
A lovely little lavender-pink purse with a large rhinestone closure.
Funny little party purse made of net. I put a napkin or small scarf in so small things don’t fall out.
Also a party favourite made of lots of silver sequins.

And a tiny, vintage, golden sequin purse from Whiting & Davis, supposedly from the forties.
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