Tim's Birthday Parties

On Tim's birthday we make theme parties for him. There are two reasons why we do so: the kids love it and it is much easier for us. They are totally engaged in the theme, no one is sour and no one says "I don't want to". They listen to us because we are dressed in costumes and play a role. We are not just a stupid parent. If you're dressed like a sherif with a real rifle or dressed in pyjamas and swallows pancakes with syrup, then there's no problems getting their attention! :)

And later they are so tired and satisfied with the day, that the host parents can enjoy the last hour i peace while the small angels play until their parents fetch them.

Here are some inspiration to all parents:

Pyjamas Party - 6 years old

Football Party - 7 years old

Cowboy Party - 8 years old

Tim's Tivoli - 9 years old

Disco Party - 10 years old